Ask Matty for June 15, 2011

Matty from takes the time to answer questions from collectors.
Thank you Matty!

1) Now that DC Comics has announced their DC Universe reboot with new #1 issues on titles and 50 new costume designs; will we still get to see Golden Age and Silver Age versions of the DCUC or has DC asked you to make the new costume designs first?

You will still see a mix of golden age, silver age, bronze age and modern looks in the DCUC line.

2) DCUC wave 19 was previewed. LOVE this JSA wave !!! But what happened to Jay Garrick, is he still coming?

Sorry, we can’t comment on unannounced figures. Just because the Golden Age Flash is not in wave 19 doesn’t mean he can’t be out one day. You will just need to stay tuned. 

3) Why was S.T.R.I.P.E. not designed as he appeared in the comics? Would the Buzz Lightyear styled body not fit in the package?

We actually worked closely with DC comics to premier S.T.R.I.P.E.’s new look in our toy line first. You will see this look in the comics in the not too distant future.


4) Is it TRUE, that the Young Justice toy line will be broken up among multiple retailers so that we have to run around trying to hunt down the figures with the pieces to make the Hall of Justice? 

No. This is not true. But Wal-Mart will get some repainted figure that will come with the same Collect and Connect piece as the mainline deco version.


5) Now that the DC Universe is getting a reboot, have you started making plans for a new 3.75" DC Universe to feature the new character designs?

This is something we are continuing to look into. Right now our 3 ¾” line is based on the Green Lantern theatrical film. Whether we go back to a comic book look is yet to be revealed!