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Super Powers

Thanks in part to the wave of nostalgic toys from the 80's from companies such as Gentle Giant, Funko, Mattel, and other  interest in vintage toy lines is at its peak. In order to capitalize on this Hasbro has brought back Kenner as an imprint line and their debut is the reinstatement is a new wave of Super Powers action figures. Continuing where they left off in 1986, this new wave continues the line with the excellent sculpts, character appropriate accessories, and power action features that the line is famous for.

The characters selected were drawn from the characters included in the Wave 4 presentation, as well as those shown in the 1982 DC Style Guide, the even popular Legion of Doom depicted in the Super Friends cartoon, and popular comic books of the time. Nine new figures will be offered in Wave including Legion of Doom's Captain Cold and Bizarro, Teen Titans Kid Flash and Wonder Girl, Justice Leaguers Captain Atom, Hawkgirl and The Atom, along with Black Vulcan of Super Friends fame, and Obsidian, the first entry into the line from Infinity Inc. In addition, Clark Kent, the mail-away figure from Wave 3, will be available for the first time on a backer card.

As with the previous waves a new mail away figure will be available, this time in the from of Bruce Wayne, Batman's secret identity. Unfortunately the prototype was not available for show time, but Kenner representatives assured us that the figure is well into production and will be available when Wave 4 is released in stores. So start saving those Proofs-of-Purchase kids! With so many new Super Powers related items being released in the near future it really is a great time for fans of this line. With any luck this new action figure wave will be the focal point of this resurrection and we're confident that fan interest will allow us to continue with new waves from some time to come.

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Super Powers  custom action figures

Super Powers  custom action figures

Super Powers custom action figures

Super Powers custom action figures

Super Powers Captain Cold custom action figure
Captain Cold with Power Action Freeze Blast

Super Powers Bizarro custom action figure
Bizarro with Power Action Reverse Punch

Super Powers Kid Flash custom action figure
Kid Flash with Power Action Lightning Legs

Super Powers Wonder Girl custom action figure
Wonder Girl with Power Action Lasso Throw

Super Powers Captain Atom custom action figure
Captain Atom with Power Action Nuclear Punch

Super Powers Hawkgirl custom action figure
Hawkgirl with Power Action Flight Wings

Super Powers The Atom custom action figure
The Atom with Power Action Molecule Punch

Super Powers Black Vulcan custom action figure
Black Vulcan with Power Action Lightning Blast

Super Powers Obsidian custom action figure
Obsidian with Power Action Shadow Kick

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