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Marvel Legends Infinite - Avengers: Imperfect

Set in world where the "Age of Ultron" was not averted and Ultron came to power, these Avengers fight for survival. After failed attempts to defeat Ultron in both the past and future, the Avengers were forced to regroup and restrategize. Striking from their hidden base, known as "Position Delta", these heroes struggle to protect and rebuild a society that has collapsed and where technology has been all but eliminated. Can these heroes survive this harsh new world? Led by Captain America; Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Cyclops, and Invisible Woman fight to survive, but at what cost?

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Avengers Imperfect custom action figures

Captain America custom action figure
Captain America: A dying Nick Fury tell Steve Rogers, Captain America, of one last hidden base, "Position Delta". Located in an "officially" decommissioned missile silo deep underground in Nebraska, "Position Delta" is a survivalist base. Stocked with provisions, conventional weapons, and functional low-tech equipment, the base is perfect for Avengers hiding from Ultron and his "technology detectors." Scarred in the battle to take the "Gamma Factory" and end Ultron's reign, Captain America's shield may have shattered, but his resolve has never been stronger.

Iron Man custom action figure
Iron Man: Activating his armor remotely to save Captain America and the other Avengers, Tony Stark was left powerless. However, Tony is Iron Man, not the armor. And as he frequently reminds the others "I built my first armor from scraps in a cave." Using found and scavenged technology, and what was available in "Position Delta", Tony built a new armor. Keeping it functional and as low-tech as possible to avoid Ultron technology detectors. Iron Man fights for freedom.

Thor custom action figure
Thor: A year into Ultron's reign, Odin recalled Thor (Jane Foster) to Asgard. After Ultron was nearly successful In taking the bi-frost and Asgard, Odin declared Earth (Midgard) lost, and the bi-frost closed, leaving Thor Odinson stranded and powerless on earth. Jane could not stand to see Thor and the Earth suffer, so disobeyed the All-Father and snuck to Earth. This act of disobedience caused to uru hammer Mjolnir to shatter, leading to the death of the Jane Foster Thor. A heart broken Odinson then renewed his resolve to protect the earth from Ultron. Wielding a new hammer of concrete, steel and containing the fragments of Mjolnir the Odinson fights alongside the Avengers: Imperfect to end Ultron's tryanny.

Hulk custom action figure
Hulk: Rick jones, friend of the original Hulk, was one of the super-powered captives of Ultron in the "Gamma Factory", Ultron's second primary base. Here he was experimented on, and his powers augmented in an attempt by Ultron to use gamma powered individuals as a nearly unlimited power source for Ultron's growing empire. Rick was freed by the Avengers when they successfully attacked and destroyed the "Gamma Factory" and Ultron's temporal technology that had been giving him a tactical advantage. Taking the mantel of the new Hulk, Rick aids the Avengers as both their muscel, and powering their gamma generators in "Position Delta" to help syphon of the excess energy he possesses.

Cyclops custom action figure
Cyclops: After Ultron began to systematically eliminate the population of Earth, with special emphasis on Earth's super-humans, Cyclops realized that no one was safe, Human or Mutant. After a devastating attack on the New Xavier School which cost many students their lives, Cyclops realized the X-Men could no longer stand idly by and hide. Laying aside old enmities for the good of all, Cyclops joined Avengers: Imperfect. Captain America recognizing the advantage adding of Cyclops' tactical mind and combat experience to the Avengers arsenal, and in these troubled times, old friends turned enemies can become allies.

Invisible Woman custom action figure
Invisible Woman: Having lost everything, her friends, family, and home to Ultron, Sue Storm the Invisible Woman is a woman with only one mission. Revenge on Ultron. Using her powers of stealth Sue is the teams spy and expert sniper. She will fight Ultron until her dying breath.

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