I'm Ready for Digital Comics

I’ve been collecting comic books for 25 years. Over that time I’ve accumulated boxes and boxes of comics. Now that comics have entered the digital age, I wish that I could have my collection stored digitally, or in the future, just download the newest issues that I’ve purchased online. No more comic book bags, back boards or storage “longboxes”. Just my comics stored on my computer’s hard drive and a back-up drive. I am usually on the computer every day reading the news or surfing the web, so why not reading my comics?

However I can’t do that just yet. DC Comics has not offered their monthly comics for digital download, other than the 6 page previews that they offer from time to time. But that may be changing soon as many publishers are looking to sell digital content. You will soon be able to buy magazines and comics in a downloadable format that you can view on a computer, or small portable electronic device, like an iPod, Sony PSP and the upcoming tablet devices. Digital comics can be sold much cheaper than printed comics and still make the comic book publisher more money. Plus the internet offers a bigger audience of people for them to attract new readers.

Sure the printed format for comics will not go away, as many fans prefer the traditional style comic book that they can hold, but for some people like myself, I’m ready for digital comics whenever DC Comics begins to offer them.

My Favorite Pizza, Romeo's Restaurant & Pizza

Today I stopped for lunch at my favorite Pizza Restaurant, Romeo’s on Route 9 in Marlboro Plaza, Englishtown, NJ.
I used to work in the same plaza when I worked for KB Toys and frequently had lunch there.
Now that I live in Lakewood, I don’t get to eat there often. I try to stop in when I am visiting my parents.

I really love their pizza and haven’t found anything as good where I now live and work.
So if you are in the area stop by and try them out.

Happy Thanksgiving

Mom and Dad are spending Thanksgiving with their family members in Puerto Rico. I'm spending Thanksgiving with my Sister-in-law's family this year.

I want to give
God my "thanks" for his blessings and promises, my family and friends, keeping me healthy, and providing me with a new job. I look forward to his help and guidance as I move into an apartment of my own.

Winter Storm hits the Northeast

Up until this weekend, I had been enjoying the warmer than normal winter weather that we've been having in New Jersey. It meant very little snow fall totals for the season. Well that all changed as a major winter storm dropped record levels of snow in the Northeast on Saturday night and Sunday.

The storm blanketed the Eastern Seaboard from North Carolina to Maine over the weekend, dropping 26.9 inches of snow Central Park — the heaviest snowfall since record keeping began in 1869. The old record was 26.4 inches in December 1947.

Where I live in Central New Jersey, we had between 17 inches to 21 inches of snow. My Dad and I spent several hours shoveling out the driveway and walkway.

My Car Reached 100,000 Miles Today

I bought my car new in May 1996, and today I finally reached the 100,000 mile mark on the odometer. I like my little car even though it's not new anymore. It has dings and scratches, faded and peeling paint, little things that stopped working, and leaks oil all over the driveway.

I hope that it runs for a few more years while I save money to buy a new Dodge Challenger when they come out.

My First Blog Entry

Joe Acevedo
Hi, I finally decided to start a blog on my website. I am using RapidWeaver to create my blog. I'm still learning about all of the features and how to set it up. It should be fun once I get going with it.

I hope to have news updates about my favorite topics like comic books, toys and much more.

About Me

Name: Joe Acevedo
College Major: Computer Science
Freelance Web Designer

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