DC Comics REBOOTS their Universe

The DC Universe Timeline is altered in FLASHPOINT #5. DC Comics starts their new universe (DCnU) with 52 comics all starting with issue #1. This becomes known as The NEW 52 Universe.

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The first book of the New 52 is Justice League #1.

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The Last Days of the DC Universe

This week marks the last release of DC Comics before they REBOOT their Universe and start over.
Say Good-Bye to many of our favorite Heroes and Villains as they fade with the sunset.

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Good-Bye to the Classic DC Universe.

I'm Ready for Digital Comics

I’ve been collecting comic books for 25 years. Over that time I’ve accumulated boxes and boxes of comics. Now that comics have entered the digital age, I wish that I could have my collection stored digitally, or in the future, just download the newest issues that I’ve purchased online. No more comic book bags, back boards or storage “longboxes”. Just my comics stored on my computer’s hard drive and a back-up drive. I am usually on the computer every day reading the news or surfing the web, so why not reading my comics?

However I can’t do that just yet. DC Comics has not offered their monthly comics for digital download, other than the 6 page previews that they offer from time to time. But that may be changing soon as many publishers are looking to sell digital content. You will soon be able to buy magazines and comics in a downloadable format that you can view on a computer, or small portable electronic device, like an iPod, Sony PSP and the upcoming tablet devices. Digital comics can be sold much cheaper than printed comics and still make the comic book publisher more money. Plus the internet offers a bigger audience of people for them to attract new readers.

Sure the printed format for comics will not go away, as many fans prefer the traditional style comic book that they can hold, but for some people like myself, I’m ready for digital comics whenever DC Comics begins to offer them.

Green Lantern: First Flight Animated Movie

Green Lantern: First Flight will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 28, 2009.
I plan on going to Best Buy to get the special edition with the exclusive Green Lantern: Hal Jordan action figure from the DC Infinite Heroes toyline.

Here is a link to the official movie website.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD

One of my favorite comic book stories is being adapted into an animated movie.
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 29, 2009.

Here is a link to the official website to view the movie trailer.

Femforce #150 marks the 25th Anniversary of Femforce

Most of the comic books that I read are from DC Comics, however I do read some titles from other publishers.
I first read Femforce #3 from AC Comics almost 25 years ago. Femforce comics feature the adventures of an all-female team of super heroines. Now issue #150 will be coming out in time to mark the Femforce’s 25th Anniversary.

AC Comics started out as Paragon Publications in 1969, and 2009 marks the 40th Anniversary for this independent publisher, one of the oldest publishers in the comic industry today.

Congratulations to Bill Black, Rebekah Black, Mark Heike, Stephanie Heike and Brad Gorby for all of the great comic stories and art that helped Femforce reach this milestone.

$9.95, DOUBLE-SIZED 84 page format, saddle-stitched
** Not Yet Available - Shipping in AUGUST 2009 **
Black & white interiors with full color covers.

Writer's and Artist's Names: Writers include FF creator Bill Black, Mark & Stephanie Heike, Enrico Teodorani, Eric Lindberg, Eric Johnson, Rock Baker and John Gotschal. Artists include Black, Heike, Jeff Austin, Rock Baker, Scott Larson, Richard Scott and Kevin Nordstrom. Cover art by FEMFORCE creator Bill Black.
Intended Audience:
All-ages readers who like Silver Age-style superheroics as well as classic "good girl" art. Collectors who are interested in "milestone issues" would have an interest in this one, as well.
Standard comic book dimensions, but a special DOUBLE-SIZED, 84-page length. Black and white interiors with color covers; saddle-stitched.
SPECTACULAR DOUBLE-SIZED ISSUE!!! While chaos reigns on Earth, NIGHTVEIL, Ms. VICTORY and SYNN lead an all-star force of paranormals to another planet, in another dimension, to fight the ultimate evil- The OLD DARK ONES!! In the heat of battle, a shocking revelation- STARDUST LIVES!! Guest stars galore!!
Special Notes:
When writer/artist and AC Comics publisher Bill Black published the first appearance of the group, the FEMFORCE SPECIAL #1, in 1984, exactly 25 YEARS AGO, who would've believed it would come to this? Yet here it is, the historic 150th issue of the regular FEMFORCE COMICS ongoing title, featuring special cover art by Bill black himself- and inside, TWICE as many pages as the previous FEMFORCE standard; a full 84 pages of story and art. And as befits a special issue, the story itself will wrap up continuity that has been running continuously in Femforce since #137, as She-Cat regains her powers, Stardust (thought dead since #140) comes back, and the team is returned to full strength in the wake of a battle to the finish with the unearthly Old Dark Ones; a plotline harkening back to concepts Bill Black introduced in his pre-AC Comics line, Paragon Publications, in 1976!! Of course, such a monumental cosmic clash requires the FEMFORCE to ring in help, so this story will feature guest-appearances by loads of other AC heroes & heroines, including The SHADE, FIREBEAM, BOLT,The HAUNTER, COMMANDO D, ASTRON and ASTRA, PARAGON, The SCARLET SCORPION and lots more. There will be a number of back-up stories and special features , in addition to an extra-long GARGANTARAMA section making up the back half of this 84-page flip book. (Please Note: this 84-page length/$9.95 price will become the standard for new issues of FEMFORCE after #150, as well; each new issue being virtually the size of a graphic novel from now on. For FF readers, it will be TWICE as many pages of FEMFORCE action for LESS THAN 1 &1/2 times the price, from this issue on!!!) 

Wonder Woman Animated Movie

I picked up the new WONDER WOMAN animated movie today.
I bought the BEST BUY edition that comes with a Wonder Woman action figure from the DC Infinite Heroes toyline.

Here is a link to the official website.

Femforce #142 is now available

Femforce #142 is now available at the AC Comics webstore.

Stardust is dead, but the rest of the FF must carry on. Not all parties are willing to accept the finality of Dusty's demise, however; and as Nightveil braves the Limbo Void to test the viability of somehow contacting her spirit, she stumbles upon an old mystery that apparently has come back to life. Ms. Victory faces an unexpected reaction from her husband, the man known as Paragon; when he learns that a clone made from genetic material harvested unknowingly from himself and Ms V may exist. Ms. V thinks of "it' as a monster, while Paragon considers it their son!! And when the being himself calls on Rad , it's hardly a family reunion as she beats the heck out of him and sends him packing. Could this unlikely turn of events lead to a reconciliation of sorts- or at least an alliance- between Ms. Victory and her estranged daughter, Rad? The plot thickens in a Femforce tale told in three chapters, "Post Mortem", written by Mark Heike, with art by Jon Doe, Robert Walker, Manuel Bennides, Jeff Austin, Paul Wills and Mark Heike, and a cover by Stephanie and Mark Heike.

Then, in the GTS -mania flip-book portion of the issue, Gargantarama- The Comic Book #6, its more giant-woman fun with epidodes from THREE great series, two of which are written by GTS madman Eric Johnston!! Marla Allison is back as Humonga, as her plan to rule the world of tiny men by amassing a huge personal fortune advances. See her in her new headquarters, a converted airplane hangar,as she belittles her new husband and browbeats her own tiny corporate board of directors!! By Johson, penciler Quinton Bedwell, and inker Rob Lansley. Then, the first episode of "I Married a Gammazon", also written by Eric Johnson, with art by Antonio Rojo and Paul Wills. Remember the Gammazon race from early issues of Femforce? We thought their entire invasion fleet was destroyed, right? Well, maybe it was, but one lone Gammazon was left behind, and she's quietly set up housekeeping with her human husband- until now!! Enter the Femforce, and trouble soon follows!! Finally, Threeta returns, as the superheroine made from the combined molecules of three beautiful young women becomes the focus of a plot hatched between a ruthless gangster and a renegade scientist in a story written by Mark Heike and drawn by Ken Hunt.

Read the front half of the book as a great new issue of Femforce- flip it over, turn it upside down, and it's the latest issue of Gargantarama- The Comic Book!! Femforce #142/Gargantarma #6 is 44 pages, black & white with color covers, saddle-stitched in standard comic book size, and printed in 2007.

The Dark Knight

Here is the teaser poster for the next Batman movie. I don't think I'm going to like the new Joker in this film.

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Mark Waid; Art by George Pérez and Bob Wiacek; Cover by Pérez

Wonder Woman and Power Girl fight side-by-side against a foe who may be more powerful than both of them combined!

DC Universe  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.99 US

On Sale October 17, 2007

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Geoff Johns; Art and Cover by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert

"The Sinestro Corps War" continues as Hal Jordan and the world's greatest heroes struggle against the combined terror of Sinestro, Parallax and the Corps of Fear. And when Hal finds himself face-to-face with one of the most bizarre members of the Sinestro Corps he has a simple choice to make — keep fighting and die or lay down and walk away. Plus, what is the prophecy of the Blackest Night and what does it mean to the future of Hal Jordan and the Corps?

DC Universe  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.99 US

On Sale October 10, 2007

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Dwayne McDuffie; Art by Joe Benitez and Victor Llamas; Cover by Ian Churchill

Don't miss the debut of the new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA creative team! The "Injustice League Unlimited" story continues from the JLA WEDDING SPECIAL as a hero is severely beaten by the new Injustice League, forcing the JLA to fight back!

DC Universe  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.99 US

On Sale September 26, 2007

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Judd Winick; Art by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti; Cover by Conner

Everyone will have seen Black Canary's response to Green Arrow's proposal from GREEN ARROW #75 and the BLACK CANARY miniseries…now see why that response may have been the biggest mistake for both of them in this landmark special issue!

DC Universe  |  48pg.  |  Color  |  $3.99 US

On Sale September 19, 2007

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Geoff Johns; Art and Cover by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert

Fear spreads across the universe as "The Sinestro Corps War" continues! Hal Jordan! John Stewart! Guy Gardner! Kyle Rayner! Trapped in the depths of the Sinestro Corps' Citadel and face-to-face with the Guardian of Sinestro's army of fear! What it means will change the entire tide of the war. And as Oa prepares for the ultimate attack, the Guardians come to a terrifying conclusion.

DC Universe  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.99 US

On Sale September 12, 2007

Femforce Merchandise from ComicArtPro.com

For a limited time ComicArtPro.com will be offering a variety of Femforce designs on merchandise.
Here you will find a unique selection of products that cannot be found ANYWERE else! Our designs adorn everything from T-Shirts, Mugs, Mousepads & Wallclocks to High-Quality Prints of Original Comic Art and Remastered, Vintage Comic Book Covers & Logos
Graphics developed from high-resolution, digitally-remastered and digitally-recolored FemForce artwork. FEMFORCE, MS VICTORY and SHE-CAT are the trademarked property of AC Comics. Used with permission.

DC Comics Posters by Adam Hughes

Dress up your walls with these new posters featuring the artwork of Adam Hughes. Order them now from your favorite comic book retailer.

POWER GIRL From the cover of JSA Classified #1 Art by Adam Hughes
Advance-solicited; on sale August 22, 2007 Poster $7.99 US

From the cover of Supergirl and Legion of Super-Heroes #23 Art by Adam Hughes
Advance-solicited; on sale August 22, 2007 Poster $7.99 US

CATWOMAN From the cover of Catwoman #46 Art by Adam Hughes
Advance-solicited; on sale August 22, 2007 Poster $7.99 US

From the cover of Catwoman #58 Art by Adam Hughes
Advance-solicited; on sale August 22, 2007 Poster $7.99 US

Martin Nodell, co-creator of the Green Lantern passes away.

Martin Nodell is best known in the comics industry for creating the Green Lantern, one of comic's most enduring super-heroes from the Golden Age. Clad in a red and green costume, Green Lantern righted wrongs with his indomitable willpower.

Mr. Nodell passed away yesterday December 9, 2006 at the age of 91.

Mr. Nodell
's work includes stories for these Golden Age publishers: Ace: Larry Hannigan, Sands of Doom, The Raven, Buck Steele; Fox: Dr Doom; All American (which was later bought by DC Comics) The Green Lantern. He also worked for Timely (now known as Marvel) Comics on the Human Torch, Captain America and the Submariner.

"Marty worked for DC Comics until 1947, then did a brief stint at Timely (Marvel) where he drew Captain America, the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner in some of their final appearances before the declining popularity of super-heroes brought about cancellation. He took that as a cue to get out comics and around 1950, made the move into advertising work, which he found more satisfying, at least in terms of pay and stability. He was also good at it. Marty was widely credited, here and elsewhere, with designing several iconic characters including the Pillsbury Doughboy.

In the eighties, following his retirement from advertising, Marty was rediscovered by comics. He and his delightful wife Carrie could be found on the convention circuit, selling his sketches. His wife Carrie passed away in April of 2004." (Mark Evanier)

I've met Martin and Carrie at some of the comic book conventions that I went to. I would stop by their table to say a quick "Hello" while I looked over the artwork that Martin was selling. I am a
Green Lantern fan, so it was a pleasure to have met the man responsible for creating that comic character.

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Dale Eaglesham and Art Thibert ; Cover by Alex Ross; Variant cover by Eaglesham

Get in on the ground floor as the world's first and greatest super-team returns to usher in the DCU's next age of heroes and villains! Writer Geoff Johns (52, Infinite Crisis), artists Dale Eaglesham (Villains United, Green Lantern) and Art Thibert (Outsiders, Superman) and cover artist Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Justice) band together for the debut of the greatest incarnation of the super-team that inspired all the others.

Determined to rebuild the Justice Society, founding members Green Lantern, Flash and Wildcat initiate an unprecedented recruitment program, tracking the bloodlines of heroes across the world and bringing in the new Starman, Damage, Liberty Belle and more!

But just as the Society welcomes the rookies into their ranks, an evil force sets out to destroy them. Meet new legacies, solve a mystery stretching into the far future, witness the return of the world's greatest hero, and watch another one fall — all in the pages of this fantastic new series!

DC Universe  |  48pg.  |  Color  |  $3.99 US

On Sale December 6, 2006

DC Comics: Covergirls 2007 Calendar

This DC Comics Covergirls 2007 calendar features some of the coolest and best-known female characters of DC Comics, from the Golden Age to today's edgier girl-power heroes, including Wonder Woman, Catwoman, the stars of Birds of Prey, and Promethea. Beautiful and powerful, the women of this sixteen-month calendar are sure to appeal to comic book fans of all ages.

I bought the DC Comics Covergirls 2007 Calendar in a comic book store.
It retails for $13.99 and measures 12 X 12 in.

You can also find it online at Amazon.com

It features 12 comic book covers featuring women of DC Comics.

Jan - Supergirl
Feb - Wonder Woman
Mar - Birds of Prey
Apr - Starfire
May - Lois Lane
Jun - Batgirl - Cassandra Cain
Jul - Catwoman
Aug - Gen 13
Sep - Batgirl - Barbara Gordon
Oct - Wonder Woman
Nov - Power Girl
Dec - Promethea

Femforce #137 is now available

Femforce #137 is now available at the AC Comics webstore.

ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN STORIES, FROM COVER TO COVER!!! Get ready for the next "big event" in FEMFORCE history, as writer Chris Irving sets the table for same with a three chapter FF story comprised of: "Starcrossed"- wherin the beautiful Rurian FFer WE know as STARDUST meets up with a doppleganger (in name only) out of the 1940's, STARDUST THE SUPER-WIZARD !! Whether he will be friend or foe remains to be seen, but Dusty need SYNN's help to escape his clutches- and guess who catches the eye of the super-wizard? With art by Kurt Ruskin, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin.

Then, in "Jungle Love", SYNN's unease at The SUPER-WIZARD'S unwanted attentions lead her (with SHE-CAT in tow) on an expedition to Jungle Island to unearth a long-lost love as an ally- which brings yet ANOTHER new/old guest-star into the fray. The mission is a success, but team numbers revert to status qou when SHE-CAT mysteriously disappears. Art by Nick Northey, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin.

Then, NIGHTVEIL goes in search of SHE-CAT with FIREBEAM & MISS MASQUE to aid her, in "Daggerquest". The quest in question leads to an ancient Egyptian tomb, and a battle with mummies, but DOES net them a clue to SHE-CAT'S wherabouts.

Then, it's the thrilling conclusion to last issue's illustrated text story by Paul Monsky & Ed Coutts, "The Victor and the Vanquished". This concluding chapter is entitled: "Judgement by Sunset".

Then, hang onto your socks (and turn over your copy) as the special "flip-book" format of FF debuts this issue!! The other half of FF #137 (complete with great cover art by Stephanie & Mark Heike ) is: GARGANTARAMA #1!! Hot on the heels of the ultra-successful GARGANTARAMA DVD video, this great new title will focus on giant woman subjects of all kinds , this issue with a FEMFORCE flair, as cover feature TARA (TOO TALL ) FREMONT stars in "Cinderblocked", by Chris Irving, Julio Cesar, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin. A business rival of Tara's father blackmails the raven-haired beauty into searching below Jungle Island (man, that's a BUSY spot this month) for an ancient object of great power WITHOUT being able to use her growth ability against him; but after braving various perils, Tara uses her head to figure out a way to upset his rowboat in a BIG finish. Then, AC Comics great Brad Gorby contributes a top-flight GTS script, on "Home Grown". A farmer's voluptuous young daughter fends off the amorous advances of a sleazy loan officer by using the unexpected side effects of her father's super-growth agricultural fertilizer. Art by Mark Heike & Jeff Austin. And finally, a down-on-his-luck wrestling promoter takes the advice of a mysterious Asian advisor and finds the ratings on his wrestling shows growing proportionally with the size of his lady wrestlers in "G. R. O. W." It's big, beautiful babes growing even bigger and fighting!! What more could you want? Script by Mark Heike, with art by Tim Doe. Femforce #137/Gargatarama-The Comic Book #1 is (in total) 52 pages, black & white with color covers, standard comic-book size and format; saddle-stitched & printed in 2006. It is produced in a flip-book format, so that the front half is comprised of Femforce #137, flip the book overand the other half is Gargantarama- The Comic Book #1.

Femforce #136 is now available

Femforce #136 is now available at the AC Comics webstore.

Femforce #136 $6.95 ALL-NEW, never-before-seen!! Not a SINGLE reprint!! Just inside a breathtaking jungle-themed, digitally-painted cover by guest-artist Gene Gonzalez is another top-flight potpurri of great contemporary "good girl" art comics action!!!

Open with a retro SHE-CAT tale set in 1952, and co-starring Miss Masque. "Death of the Goddess" features our ferocious feline's second encounter with the OTHER cat-deity- inspired female, Bastis- which takes place on board a luxury cruise ship. Written by Chris Irving, with art by Larry Guidry & Jeff Austin, it's a film-noire mood masterpiece.

Then, MS. VICTORY fights side-by-side with hubby PARAGON to stop an evil madman's bid to take control of a US Army base, and the offbeat conclusion leaves Joan with a strange secret that she may well keep from even her "better half". Written by Chad Halcom, with art by Halcom & Mark Heike.

Then, Gene Gonzalez teams with writer Paul Monsky on "Rio Diablo" in a retro story picking up from events way back in Femforce Special #2. That sultry super-spy RIO RITA comes across an ally while facing off with gansters in the South American jungles- none other than IRISH of the JUNGLE!!

Plus, another Monsky-wrtten piece, a TARA illustrated text story, "The Victor & The Vanquished", with art by Ed Coutts.

Finally, our masked heroine escapes certain death to neutralize four vicious mafiosos in "Revenge of the Blue Bulleteer", written by Enrico Teodorani, with art by Marco Caldi.

44 pages, black & white with color covers; standard comic-book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2006.


Press Release

DC Comics, the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world, announced today the launch of
www.52thecomic.com website that allows fans to enter the fictional world of 52, DC Comics’ ambitious weekly, year long mini-series that chronicles the fate of a world without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

While most comic books traditionally ship on a monthly, or even bi-monthly basis, 52 will be published by DC Comics each and every week for one year, beginning May 10, 2006. The trailblazing series plays out in “real time” with each issue covering the events in one week of the DC Universe. Throughout the course of this historic year, 52thecomic.com will grant readers access to the headlines of the Daily Planet—the workplace of acclaimed journalists Clark Kent and Lois Lane and photographer Jimmy Olson.

52thecomic.com will function as any “real world” newsmagazine would (with its headlines ripped from the pages of 52) with coverage of the events of the day, including national, world and local news, sports coverage and updated weather forecasts. If it’s snowing in an issue of 52, the site will reflect that with an updated weather report. If war breaks out in Khandaq, 52thecomic.com will report on the troops. If the Gotham Knights just lost a close double-header, you can check the score. The site also features a real time clock (which syncs to the time zone of any web user who visits the site) and banner ads promoting the fictional products that stock the shelves of the DC universe.

“A landmark comic book event like 52 deserves an equally creative website,” said DC Comics SVP of Sales & Marketing Stephanie Fierman. “If an imaginary universe were real, this would be its strongest news source.”

Readers will also be vaulted between the panels of the year’s biggest comic book event through the site’s extensive collection of information, including:

- Exclusive audio interviews with writers Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid – the super group behind 52 – and their artistic collaborators;

- Behind-the-scenes storyboards by 52 breakdown artist and industry legend Keith Giffen;

- Online comic books and character profiles by some of the industry’s top creators.

“52 is created to deliver the kind of cliffhangers, tragedies and triumphs that will drive our fans to visit their local comic book stores each and every week,” said DC Senior Vice President – Executive Editor Dan DiDio. “52thecomic.com is designed to give them a dose of that drama each and every day.”

Imagine: a world without Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman—but not a world without heroes. Visit

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Andersen Gabrych; Art by Pop Mhan and Jesse Delperdang; Cover by Tim Sale

Life and death maintain a tenuous balance at the edge of the Lazarus Pit. A major character has died. Now a battle must be fought between two old foes…and only one will survive. We're not giving away any secrets, except to say that this is the end of Batgirl!

Batman  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US

On Sale February 15, 2006

This is the
last issue of this series. It wraps up the storyline of Batgirl's quest for her mother with more revalations of Lady Shiva's past.

Comic Book Picks of the Week

There were several good books out this week as DC Comics wraps up various storylines in order to prepare for next month's "One Year Later" leap.

Deathstroke's endgame is in play, and not everyone will make it out in one piece! On the run from the deadly Society, Nightwing is in for the fight of his life. Guest-starring Oracle and a whole mess of villains as we wrap up one of the biggest Dick Grayson stories ever!
32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US
On Sale February 8, 2006

I couldn't believe the way they ended this issue. Talk about leaving you hanging. I was like "ARRGH, NO WAY!"

Concluding the 3-part "Coalition in Crisis!" The repercussions of the Rann/Thanagar War climax as Hawkman and Hawkgirl face their feelings for each other with total annihilation looming ahead. There's no turning back now, and the imminent Crisis may determine their ultimate fate.
32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US On Sale February 8, 2006

Another couple gets together only to face an uncertain future. This is like the trend of the week. It's an INFINITE CRISIS tie-in with some great artwork by Chris Batista and Cam Smith.

An INFINITE CRISIS tie-in! Superboy-Prime meets Superboy as the Boys of Steel confront one another about their roles in this universe.
32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US On Sale February 8, 2006

This issue has more of the big Superboy fight that was in INFINITE CRISIS #4. This book is worth it for that alone. Plus it ties up some loose ends reguarding history of The DOOM PATROL.

Comic Book Pick of the Week

The excitement and action of INFINITE CRISIS continues in this weeks comic book pick of the week. One of my favorite DC characters dies in this issue. I was expecting another character to die instead, but I was surprised while reading the story to see that it would be someone else. I hope that they bring this character back sometime in the future.

Written by Dave Gibbons; Art by Ivan Reis and Marc Campos; Cover by Gibbons and Michael Bair

Infinite Crisis is here — and the Cosmic Storm rages out of control, threatening the fate of the entire universe! While the Rannian and Thanagarian flagships each suspect that the other is responsible for the disturbances, Donna Troy must lead her team of space champions into the cosmos in an attempt to prevent total destruction. But as the war rages on, a startling discovery will be uncovered, one hero will be forever changed, and another will make the ultimate sacrifice.

DC Universe  |  48pg.  |  Color  |  $4.99 US

On Sale February 1, 2006

Comic Book Picks of the Week

There are 2 comics on my Comic Book Picks for this week. I enjoyed both stories, and Black Mask happens to be in both of them. Catwoman has to decide if she will remain on the side of "good" or go back to her "bad" habits. On the Catwoman cover, you can see the Lottery Numbers that appeared on the "Lost" TV show. You don't see them? Just look a little lower. Happy


Written by Will Pfeifer; Art by Pete Woods; Cover by Adam Hughes

Fresh off the soul-rattling revelation from last issue, Selina is livid and looking for answers — starting with none other than Batman! Her quest will bring her into conflict with the police, and at least two vehicles will be stolen in the process! Slam Bradley makes a fateful decision, while the Black Mask makes his big move against Catwoman, striking at the very heart of Selina's world in a way too terrible for words!

Batman  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US

On Sale January 25, 2006


Written by Judd Winick; Art by Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen; Cover by Jock

The unpredictable Black Mask forms an uneasy alliance with the Red Hood! But can these two uncompromising masked men truly cooperate? Or will this team-up make the streets of Gotham run red with bad blood? Either way, it's sure to spell trouble for the Batman.

Batman  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US

On Sale January 25, 2006

Comic Book Pick of the Week

Here is my comic book pick of the week.

You have got to see the big fight in this book. It is a jaw dropper. There are also first appearances of some new characters as well as some characters that have been long gone. The story will also further explain how the "Prelude To Crisis" mini-series
Villains United
Day of Vengeance
Rann - Thanager War
all tie into the Infinite Crisis story.