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Marvel Legends: Legendary Ladies

Women don’t sell!! We at Hasbro have heard this for years and are giving you a chance to prove the naysayers wrong! The initial lineup is just 4 characters to prove the line can work.

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Legendary Ladies custom action figures

Binary custom action figure
Binary! Carol Danvers in her incredibly powerful Binary form.

Crystal custom action figure
Crystal! Inhuman Princess and sister to Medusa with incredible elemental abilities.

Wild Thing custom action figure
Wild Thing! Rina Logan is Wolverine and Elektra’s daughter from another universe! Heck, her godmother is Psylocke! Trained since birth, this kid is one of the most superbly trained combatants in the world! Plus she has all off Wolverine’s healing and tracking abilities to go with her psychic claws and super strength.

Destiny custom action figure
Destiny! Irene Adler’s precognitive abilities were incredible, seeing the future many years past her death. Or is the truly dead? Could she have a way for her lover, Mystique, to bring her back?

Gladiator custom action figure
BAF Gladiator – Yes, we’re stinkers. To get this bad boy, you’ve got to buy the girls! This long-time nemesis of Daredevil is a truly troubled soul who sometimes fights on the side of the angels.

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