DC Comics REBOOTS their Universe

The DC Universe Timeline is altered in FLASHPOINT #5. DC Comics starts their new universe (DCnU) with 52 comics all starting with issue #1. This becomes known as The NEW 52 Universe.

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The first book of the New 52 is Justice League #1.

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The Last Days of the DC Universe

This week marks the last release of DC Comics before they REBOOT their Universe and start over.
Say Good-Bye to many of our favorite Heroes and Villains as they fade with the sunset.

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Good-Bye to the Classic DC Universe.

DC Universe Online

I finally started to play DC Universe Online. The game is pretty cool and it may take me awhile to learn how to play. I love the DC Universe, so being able to play a game based on it is cool.

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Ask Matty for June 15, 2011

Matty from Mattycollector.com takes the time to answer questions from collectors.
Thank you Matty!

1) Now that DC Comics has announced their DC Universe reboot with new #1 issues on titles and 50 new costume designs; will we still get to see Golden Age and Silver Age versions of the DCUC or has DC asked you to make the new costume designs first?

You will still see a mix of golden age, silver age, bronze age and modern looks in the DCUC line.

2) DCUC wave 19 was previewed. LOVE this JSA wave !!! But what happened to Jay Garrick, is he still coming?

Sorry, we can’t comment on unannounced figures. Just because the Golden Age Flash is not in wave 19 doesn’t mean he can’t be out one day. You will just need to stay tuned. 

3) Why was S.T.R.I.P.E. not designed as he appeared in the comics? Would the Buzz Lightyear styled body not fit in the package?

We actually worked closely with DC comics to premier S.T.R.I.P.E.’s new look in our toy line first. You will see this look in the comics in the not too distant future.


4) Is it TRUE, that the Young Justice toy line will be broken up among multiple retailers so that we have to run around trying to hunt down the figures with the pieces to make the Hall of Justice? 

No. This is not true. But Wal-Mart will get some repainted figure that will come with the same Collect and Connect piece as the mainline deco version.


5) Now that the DC Universe is getting a reboot, have you started making plans for a new 3.75" DC Universe to feature the new character designs?

This is something we are continuing to look into. Right now our 3 ¾” line is based on the Green Lantern theatrical film. Whether we go back to a comic book look is yet to be revealed!

Ask Matty for April 1, 2011

Matty from Mattycollector.com takes the time to answer questions from collectors.
Thank you Matty!

1) I recently purchased the Young Justice Happy Meal toys from McDonald's. The adult figures were 4" tall and the teen figures were 3.75" tall. Based on the Toyfair photos I know that the adults like Captain Atom will be taller than the teen figures. Can you tell us how tall the adult and teen figures will be in the Mattel line?

The teens will be slightly smaller then the adults but all will be at about a 4”scale. You’ll see the whole line at our conventions this summer.


2) The new Batman toyline looks like it was made up of figures that were planned but never before released, or like the Super Powers re-painted Mr.Freeze needed a special assortment for release. In the future, which toyline will offer more new Batman related characters, the Batman toyline or DCUC?

Now that we have the Batman Legacy line and an upcoming Batman film, you will see more Bat Family character in these lines. But it doesn’t mean a few won’t show up in DCUC from time to time as well!

3) The new Imaginext Batmobile looks cool! The design is very close to what we've seen in the comics. I can't wait to get 1 or 2 of them. When are they scheduled to come out?

This will be out later in fall 2011.


4) Target has an exclusive Imaginext Villain Robot to go along with the Police Robot. These might look great to be re-painted as a Kryptonian Warsuit. Include a little Superman in his black recovery suit.

A cool suggestion we will pass onto the Imaginex team!


5) We are still seeing DCUC and GLC figures with warped limbs and joints due to being pre-posed in the package. When will these packaging defects be reduced?

This is something we are constantly working on and hope will soon be a thing of the past.

Ask Matty for March 15, 2011

Matty from Mattycollector.com takes the time to answer questions from collectors.
Thank you Matty!

1) After the 3.75" Green Lantern figures are made, will Mattel revisit the DC Infinite Heroes line with the unproduced figures like the Hawkgirl, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Black Manta, Golden-Age Batman, Golden-Age Superman that we've seen, or will the Young Justice line replace it and we have to rebuild our DC Universe collection all over again?

Right now we are putting all of our resources into the GL move line and DCUC. It is possible in time we will return to an Infinite Heroes-type line but nothing is planned now for 2011.

2) For the 3.75" Young Justice toyline, we've seen some single figures and 2 figure pack combinations. Will the 2-pack versions of the characters be different than the single pack versions? You remember that DCIH started with the same figures being offered in multiple combinations which choked up the shelves at launch because of too much duplication. Hopefully Young Justice will not repeat the same mistake and offer other variations like the stealth suit repaints.

There will be unique figures and decos in the two-packs. Some figures will repeat. It is just part of the logistics of doing a toy line. Not every pack can have 100% new figures.

3) I like the 6" Young Justice toyline, Robin, Aqualad and Artemis look great.
Would it be safe to say that wave 2 of the 6" series will have Superboy, Kid Flash and Miss Martian?

We are not ready to comment past Wave 1 for now, but if there are more figures, the plan is indeed to look at the main team of sidekicks in this scale.

4) When will the next DCUC line be revealed? I am a big JSA fan and I hope that assortment will be confirmed. I was not crazy about the Blackest Night or Super Friends DCUC waves, so I need a jolt of JSA to make up for it.

Likely in late spring/early summer depending on how fast the Horsemen finish the figures! They are still being sculpted!

5) Green Lantern 3.75" figure waves. We saw the battle series with those construct contraptions, but will we see play sets and vehicles for the Green Lantern figures?

There will be vehicles for the GL figures out on May 1
st that each feature a ring activated transformation. Right now we do not have plans for a full playset, but time will tell!