David Pogue proves Vista doesn't copy OS X

Here is a short New York Times video of writer David Pogue debunking the myth that Microsoft's Vista operating system copies from Apple's OS X.

Click Here to view.

DC Comics Posters by Adam Hughes

Dress up your walls with these new posters featuring the artwork of Adam Hughes. Order them now from your favorite comic book retailer.

POWER GIRL From the cover of JSA Classified #1 Art by Adam Hughes
Advance-solicited; on sale August 22, 2007 Poster $7.99 US

From the cover of Supergirl and Legion of Super-Heroes #23 Art by Adam Hughes
Advance-solicited; on sale August 22, 2007 Poster $7.99 US

CATWOMAN From the cover of Catwoman #46 Art by Adam Hughes
Advance-solicited; on sale August 22, 2007 Poster $7.99 US

From the cover of Catwoman #58 Art by Adam Hughes
Advance-solicited; on sale August 22, 2007 Poster $7.99 US

Martin Nodell, co-creator of the Green Lantern passes away.

Martin Nodell is best known in the comics industry for creating the Green Lantern, one of comic's most enduring super-heroes from the Golden Age. Clad in a red and green costume, Green Lantern righted wrongs with his indomitable willpower.

Mr. Nodell passed away yesterday December 9, 2006 at the age of 91.

Mr. Nodell
's work includes stories for these Golden Age publishers: Ace: Larry Hannigan, Sands of Doom, The Raven, Buck Steele; Fox: Dr Doom; All American (which was later bought by DC Comics) The Green Lantern. He also worked for Timely (now known as Marvel) Comics on the Human Torch, Captain America and the Submariner.

"Marty worked for DC Comics until 1947, then did a brief stint at Timely (Marvel) where he drew Captain America, the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner in some of their final appearances before the declining popularity of super-heroes brought about cancellation. He took that as a cue to get out comics and around 1950, made the move into advertising work, which he found more satisfying, at least in terms of pay and stability. He was also good at it. Marty was widely credited, here and elsewhere, with designing several iconic characters including the Pillsbury Doughboy.

In the eighties, following his retirement from advertising, Marty was rediscovered by comics. He and his delightful wife Carrie could be found on the convention circuit, selling his sketches. His wife Carrie passed away in April of 2004." (Mark Evanier)

I've met Martin and Carrie at some of the comic book conventions that I went to. I would stop by their table to say a quick "Hello" while I looked over the artwork that Martin was selling. I am a
Green Lantern fan, so it was a pleasure to have met the man responsible for creating that comic character.

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Dale Eaglesham and Art Thibert ; Cover by Alex Ross; Variant cover by Eaglesham

Get in on the ground floor as the world's first and greatest super-team returns to usher in the DCU's next age of heroes and villains! Writer Geoff Johns (52, Infinite Crisis), artists Dale Eaglesham (Villains United, Green Lantern) and Art Thibert (Outsiders, Superman) and cover artist Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Justice) band together for the debut of the greatest incarnation of the super-team that inspired all the others.

Determined to rebuild the Justice Society, founding members Green Lantern, Flash and Wildcat initiate an unprecedented recruitment program, tracking the bloodlines of heroes across the world and bringing in the new Starman, Damage, Liberty Belle and more!

But just as the Society welcomes the rookies into their ranks, an evil force sets out to destroy them. Meet new legacies, solve a mystery stretching into the far future, witness the return of the world's greatest hero, and watch another one fall — all in the pages of this fantastic new series!

DC Universe  |  48pg.  |  Color  |  $3.99 US

On Sale December 6, 2006


Up next in the DST Star Trek line is a new action figure two-pack based on the fan-favorite STAR TREK episode – “Space Seed”!  Featuring all-new versions of Captain James T. Kirk and Khan Noonien Singh, this upcoming release will feature the same style, articulation and scale as past original series STAR TREK releases!

Differing from past action figure versions of this sci-fi duo, Kirk is depicted in his Starfleet dress uniform while Khan sports the gold tunic worn during his ill-fated dinner with the crew.  Though victorious at first, Khan’s plans to overtake the ship were thwarted by the resilient captain.  Khan was marooned for years before finally striking back at Kirk and his crew.

“We’ve focused on the Next Generation crew recently, but we haven’t forgotten the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise,” said Diamond Select Toys Director Chuck Terceira.  “Kirk and Khan are the perfect nemeses - both of them equally matched except for Khan’s thirst for vengeance.”

Partnering with Diamond Select Toys on this release are the renowned sculptors and designers at Art Asylum, who remain committed to delivering the very best Trek products to fans worldwide.  Each figure will be in scale with past releases and feature multiple points of articulation as well as episode-accurate accessories.

The Fantasticar is a Mopar!

But does it have a HEMI ? No this one has a proton accelerator.

This looks like a corporate sponsor move by
Dodge to get their name, Ram logo and cross-hair grille into Marvel's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie.

Dodge Charger Daytona R/T goes Sublime

Targeted for December production - the Dodge Charger Daytona R/T is re-introduced for the 2007 Model Year. The Sublime metallic green Dodge Charger Daytona R/T builds on the tradition set by its' three predecessors and is the 4th edition in the Daytona series. A limited number of 1,500 units will be built for the US market. Enhancements to the Sublime Daytona include the addition of 20” chrome clad wheels and 245/45R20 all season performance tires. The next color that will be available will be "Plum Crazy".

2007 colors - "Sublime" (metallic green) and "Plum Crazy" (purple)
2006 colors - "Top Bannana" (yellow), "GoManGo!" (metallic orange) and "TorRed" (red)

RapidWeaver 3.5.1 Released

RapidWeaver 3.5.1 is available now and ready to download. This new release fixes a whole heap of bugs, adds a few new features and includes 5 languages; English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

RapidWeaver is an easy to use and very powerful website building application allowing anyone to create and publish professional looking websites in minutes. No knowledge of complex html is required, RapidWeaver takes care of all that for you. Using easy drag and drop technology you can build a website tailored to your personal needs. Blogs, Photo albums, Movie pages, Styled text and more can be created at the click of a button and customised to make a site to be proud of.

RapidWeaver 3.5.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer.

Yes, RapidWeaver is a Mac only application. There is no Windows version available.
I use RapidWeaver for this Blog and some other websites that I have created.

Emma Frost - White Queen Comiquette

Emma Frost - White Queen
Sideshow Collectibles, Marvel Comics, and Adam Hughes are proud to present this sultry addition to Marvel Comiquette line. The White Queen is cast in high-quality polystone direct from the concepts and designs of fan favorite artist Adam Hughes, well known for his buxom super-heroines. Each White Queen Comiquette is cast in high quality polysone, then hand-finished and hand-painted to exacting standards. Standing at a stunning 16" inches tall, the White Queen Comiquette is certain to enhance any collection.

Although Emma Frost is currently serving as co-headmaster of the Xavier Institute, she hasn't always fought on the right side of the mutant agenda. As one of the world's most powerful telepaths, Emma has the ability to read minds, project thoughts into the minds of others, and create powerful psionic force bolts.

Artist(s): The Sideshow Collectibles Figure Design & Development Team

Happy Thanksgiving

Mom and Dad are spending Thanksgiving with their family members in Puerto Rico. I'm spending Thanksgiving with my Sister-in-law's family this year.

I want to give
God my "thanks" for his blessings and promises, my family and friends, keeping me healthy, and providing me with a new job. I look forward to his help and guidance as I move into an apartment of my own.

DC Comics: Covergirls 2007 Calendar

This DC Comics Covergirls 2007 calendar features some of the coolest and best-known female characters of DC Comics, from the Golden Age to today's edgier girl-power heroes, including Wonder Woman, Catwoman, the stars of Birds of Prey, and Promethea. Beautiful and powerful, the women of this sixteen-month calendar are sure to appeal to comic book fans of all ages.

I bought the DC Comics Covergirls 2007 Calendar in a comic book store.
It retails for $13.99 and measures 12 X 12 in.

You can also find it online at Amazon.com

It features 12 comic book covers featuring women of DC Comics.

Jan - Supergirl
Feb - Wonder Woman
Mar - Birds of Prey
Apr - Starfire
May - Lois Lane
Jun - Batgirl - Cassandra Cain
Jul - Catwoman
Aug - Gen 13
Sep - Batgirl - Barbara Gordon
Oct - Wonder Woman
Nov - Power Girl
Dec - Promethea

Apple Unveils New MacBook With Intel Core 2 Duo Processors

CUPERTINO, California—November 8, 2006—Apple® today unveiled its new line of MacBook™ consumer notebooks that now include Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Just one-inch thin, the new MacBooks are up to 25 percent faster than the previous generation and feature a built-in iSight® video camera for on-the-go video conferencing, Apple’s MagSafe™ Power Adapter that safely disconnects when under strain, and iLife® ‘06, Apple’s award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications.

With prices starting at just $1,099, the new MacBook lineup includes three models: sleek white 1.83 GHz and 2.0 GHz MacBook models, and a stunning black 2.0 GHz MacBook model. With Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo processors, the new MacBook is up to 25 percent faster than the previous MacBook and up to six times faster than the iBook®, making it even easier for consumers to manage and enjoy their digital content with iLife ‘06.* Consumers will also benefit from the added power in the new 2.0 GHz models, including double the memory and greater storage capacity than the previous generation, as well as a double-layer SuperDrive™ for burning professional-quality DVDs.

The MacBook comes with iLife ‘06, the next generation of Apple’s award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications featuring iPhoto®, iMovie HD, iDVD®, GarageBand™ and iWeb™, the latest iLife application that makes it super-easy to create amazing websites with photos, blogs and podcasts and publish them on .Mac for viewing by anyone on the Internet with just a single click.** The MacBook also comes with the latest release of the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS® X version 10.4.8 Tiger, including Safari™, Mail, iCal®, iChat AV, Front Row and Photo Booth, running natively on the Intel-based notebook.

Pricing & Availability
The new MacBook is available immediately through the Apple Store® (www.apple.com), Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.

The 1.83 GHz, 13-inch white MacBook, for a suggested retail price of $1,099 (US), includes:

  • 13.3-inch glossy widescreen 1280 x 800 display with 250 cd/m2 brightness;

  • 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor;

  • 667 MHz front-side bus;

  • 512MB of 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, expandable to 2GB;

  • 60GB Serial ATA hard drive running at 5400 rpm, with Sudden Motion Sensor;

  • a slot-load Combo (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) optical drive;

  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950;

  • Mini-DVI out (adapters for DVI, VGA and Composite/S-Video sold separately);

  • built-in iSight video camera;

  • Gigabit Ethernet port;

  • built-in AirPort Extreme wireless networking and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR;

  • two USB 2.0 ports and one FireWire 400 port;

  • one audio line in and one audio line out port, each supporting both optical digital and analog;

  • Scrolling TrackPad;

  • the infrared Apple Remote; and

  • 60 Watt MagSafe Power Adapter.

The 2.0 GHz, 13-inch white MacBook, for a suggested retail price of $1,299 (US), includes:
  • 13.3-inch glossy widescreen 1280 x 800 display with 250 cd/m2 brightness;

  • 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor;

  • 667 MHz front-side bus;

  • 1GB of 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, expandable to 2GB;

  • 80GB Serial ATA hard drive running at 5400 rpm, with Sudden Motion Sensor;

  • a slot-load 6x SuperDrive with double-layer support (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) optical drive;

  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950;

  • Mini-DVI out (adapters for DVI, VGA and Composite/S-Video sold separately);

  • built-in iSight video camera;

  • Gigabit Ethernet port;

  • built-in AirPort Extreme wireless networking and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR;

  • two USB 2.0 ports and one FireWire 400 port;

  • one audio line in and one audio line out port, each supporting both optical digital and analog;

  • Scrolling TrackPad;

  • the infrared Apple Remote; and

  • 60 Watt MagSafe Power Adapter.

The 2.0 GHz, 13-inch black MacBook, for a suggested retail price of $1,499 (US), includes:
  • 13.3-inch glossy widescreen 1280 x 800 display with 250 cd/m2 brightness;

  • 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor;

  • 667 MHz front-side bus;

  • 1GB of 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, expandable to 2GB;

  • 120GB Serial ATA hard drive running at 5400 rpm, with Sudden Motion Sensor;

  • a slot-load 6x SuperDrive with double-layer support (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) optical drive;

  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950;

  • Mini-DVI out (adapters for DVI, VGA and Composite/S-Video sold separately);

  • built-in iSight video camera;

  • Gigabit Ethernet port;

  • built-in AirPort Extreme wireless networking and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR;

  • two USB 2.0 ports and one FireWire 400 port;

  • one audio line in and one audio line out port, each supporting both optical digital and analog;

  • Scrolling TrackPad;

  • the infrared Apple Remote; and

  • 60 Watt MagSafe Power Adapter.

www.apple.com/macbook for more information.

Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, Mac OS, Macintosh, MacBook, iSight, MagSafe, iLife, iBook, SuperDrive, iMovie, AirPort Expreme, FireWire, iPhoto, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb, Safari, iCal, Apple Store, Logic, Final Cut and Aperture are trademarks of Apple. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Go Speed Racer, Go! Wachowskis bringing live-action version to theaters

Larry and Andy Wachowski, the minds behind The Matrix and its unfortunate sequels, are gambling that a live-action version of the anime classic, Speed Racer, will resonate with moviegoers. The project will be written and directed by the Wachowskis, who are developing the film's visual style as they write the screenplay. Producer Joel Silver, who has partnered with the brothers on the Matrix trilogy and V For Vendetta, convinced them to take on Speed Racer during the filming of Vendetta.

Unlike their past projects,
Speed Racer will be family-friendly, and feature racing sequences likely to showcase the brothers' knack for producing astonishing visual effects. All the characters you know from the animated series are set to appear in the film, which is slated for a Summer 2008 release.

Femforce #137 is now available

Femforce #137 is now available at the AC Comics webstore.

ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN STORIES, FROM COVER TO COVER!!! Get ready for the next "big event" in FEMFORCE history, as writer Chris Irving sets the table for same with a three chapter FF story comprised of: "Starcrossed"- wherin the beautiful Rurian FFer WE know as STARDUST meets up with a doppleganger (in name only) out of the 1940's, STARDUST THE SUPER-WIZARD !! Whether he will be friend or foe remains to be seen, but Dusty need SYNN's help to escape his clutches- and guess who catches the eye of the super-wizard? With art by Kurt Ruskin, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin.

Then, in "Jungle Love", SYNN's unease at The SUPER-WIZARD'S unwanted attentions lead her (with SHE-CAT in tow) on an expedition to Jungle Island to unearth a long-lost love as an ally- which brings yet ANOTHER new/old guest-star into the fray. The mission is a success, but team numbers revert to status qou when SHE-CAT mysteriously disappears. Art by Nick Northey, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin.

Then, NIGHTVEIL goes in search of SHE-CAT with FIREBEAM & MISS MASQUE to aid her, in "Daggerquest". The quest in question leads to an ancient Egyptian tomb, and a battle with mummies, but DOES net them a clue to SHE-CAT'S wherabouts.

Then, it's the thrilling conclusion to last issue's illustrated text story by Paul Monsky & Ed Coutts, "The Victor and the Vanquished". This concluding chapter is entitled: "Judgement by Sunset".

Then, hang onto your socks (and turn over your copy) as the special "flip-book" format of FF debuts this issue!! The other half of FF #137 (complete with great cover art by Stephanie & Mark Heike ) is: GARGANTARAMA #1!! Hot on the heels of the ultra-successful GARGANTARAMA DVD video, this great new title will focus on giant woman subjects of all kinds , this issue with a FEMFORCE flair, as cover feature TARA (TOO TALL ) FREMONT stars in "Cinderblocked", by Chris Irving, Julio Cesar, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin. A business rival of Tara's father blackmails the raven-haired beauty into searching below Jungle Island (man, that's a BUSY spot this month) for an ancient object of great power WITHOUT being able to use her growth ability against him; but after braving various perils, Tara uses her head to figure out a way to upset his rowboat in a BIG finish. Then, AC Comics great Brad Gorby contributes a top-flight GTS script, on "Home Grown". A farmer's voluptuous young daughter fends off the amorous advances of a sleazy loan officer by using the unexpected side effects of her father's super-growth agricultural fertilizer. Art by Mark Heike & Jeff Austin. And finally, a down-on-his-luck wrestling promoter takes the advice of a mysterious Asian advisor and finds the ratings on his wrestling shows growing proportionally with the size of his lady wrestlers in "G. R. O. W." It's big, beautiful babes growing even bigger and fighting!! What more could you want? Script by Mark Heike, with art by Tim Doe. Femforce #137/Gargatarama-The Comic Book #1 is (in total) 52 pages, black & white with color covers, standard comic-book size and format; saddle-stitched & printed in 2006. It is produced in a flip-book format, so that the front half is comprised of Femforce #137, flip the book overand the other half is Gargantarama- The Comic Book #1.

Happy Birthday STAR TREK !

Yes it was 40 years ago today that Star Trek first aired on television. September 8, 1966.

This three-season show became a cultural icon and would go on to spawn four live-action spin-offs, an animated series, ten movies and counting, plus a licensing empire that, to this day, embraces books, videos, toys, exhibits and assorted merchandise.

Star Trek back on TV with Enhanced FX

Star Trek journeys to the 21st century as the Original Series returns to broadcast syndication for the first time in 16 years with brand-new digitally remastered episodes to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

CBS Paramount Domestic Television has officially announced that they are releasing digitally remastered episodes of Star Trek, with all new special effects and music, to celebrate the groundbreaking series' 40th anniversary, according to John Nogawski, president of CBS Paramount Domestic Television.

The Star Trek episodes will begin airing on the more than 200 stations that own the rights to the weekend broadcast syndication window starting September 16. (As always, please check your local listings for station and dates.) The plan is for all 79 episodes of the Original Series to be remastered, with the first batch of episodes chosen from a list of Star Trek fans' favorite shows.

With the complete running order to be determined, the syndication schedule won't follow the classic air-date order or production order format familiar to fans. The first episode to air will be the Season One classic "Balance of Terror." "That gives us a chance to really show off the 'new' Enterprise," says Mike Okuda, 18-year veteran of the Star Trek art department and one of the supervisors on this project. His comments and more can be found in next week's TV Guide.

"Star Trek redefined science-fiction and constantly pushed the envelope with concepts that were ahead of their time," Nogawski said. "By giving the series a digital upgrade using the best technology available today, it will continue to be a leader in cutting-edge television programming as we introduce the series to a new generation of viewers."

The most noticeable change will be redoing many of the special effects, created with 1960s technology, with 21st century computer-generated imagery (CGI). Upgrades include:

• Space ship exteriors – The Enterprise, as well as other starships, will be replaced with state of the art CGI-created ships. The new computer-generated Enterprise is based on the exact measurements of the original model, which now rests in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
• Show opening – The Enterprise and planets seen in the main title sequence will be redone, giving them depth and dimension for the first time.
• Galaxy shots – All the graphics of the galaxy, so frequently seen through the viewscreen on the Enterprise's bridge, will be redone.
• Exteriors – The battle scenes, planets and ships from other cultures (notably the Romulan Bird of Prey and Klingon Battle Cruisers) will be updated.
• Background scenes – Some of the iconic, yet flat, matte paintings used as backdrops for the strange, new worlds explored by the Enterprise crew will get a CGI face-lift, adding atmosphere and lighting.

The refurbished episodes also feature higher quality sound for the famous opening theme. The original score by Emmy Award-winning composer Alexander Courage, has been re-recorded in state-of-the-art digital stereo audio with an orchestra and a female singer belting out the famous vocals. A digitally remastered version of William Shatner's classic original recording of the 38-word "Space, the final frontier..." monologue continues to open each episode.

The remastered episodes have been converted from the original film into a High-Definition format, which gives viewers a clearer, crisper, more vibrant picture than before, even when viewed in standard definition. Once stations upgrade and start broadcasting HD signals, the episodes will be all ready for viewers to enjoy in HD.

Apple Store opens in Freehold NJ

Apple opened a new store at the Freehold Raceway Mall.

Marlena Moreau Beaming Down for San Diego!

Diamond Select Toys is pleased to announce the addition of a fifth “Mirror, Mirror” figure - available only at this summer’s San Diego Comic Con!  In addition to the previously announced Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” action figures, a limited Marlena Moreau figure sculpted by Art Asylum will be available exclusively at the Diamond Select Toys booth!

When purchasing the “Mirror, Mirror” Uhura, McCoy, Sulu and Chekov figures from their respective retailers, con-goers will be able to have a special Star Trek card punched at each booth.  Upon completing this card and returning to the Diamond Select Toys booth during the convention, fans will receive the “Mirror, Mirror” Marlena Moreau figure at no cost, completing the “Mirror, Mirror” set!

Internet retailers New Force Comics, Action Figure Xpress and Entertainment Earth will be offering their exclusive McCoy, Sulu and Chekov figures while the Uhura figure will be sold by DST.  Quantities of the Marlena Moreau figure will be limited and subject to availability, so interested fans should complete this Star Trek challenge early to claim their free prize!

Star Trek Data, LaForge and Barclay figures.

This third series of Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures Featuring Lieutenant Commanders data and La Forge, delivers all the technical expertise a starship captain could need - including the limited Lieutenant Barclay figure!

Sculpted by Art Asylum and featuring multiple points of articulation, the core assortment will include Season 7 data, Season 7 Geordi La Forge and Season 7 Barclay - each with series-accurate accessories and a transporter pad style base! Several exclusive versions of these characters will be made available, with more information released as the Fall 2006 release date approaches.

Apple Store, Fifth Avenue opens tonight.

Grand Opening
Tonight at 6:00 p.m.

The Apple Store, Fifth Avenue opens tonight—and will stay open 24/7/365. So you can get the help you need when you need it. To start things off right, we're giving away a new MacBook every hour for 24 hours straight,* and the first 2500 visitors will receive a limited-edition T-shirt. This is one all-nighter you don't want to miss.

Femforce #136 is now available

Femforce #136 is now available at the AC Comics webstore.

Femforce #136 $6.95 ALL-NEW, never-before-seen!! Not a SINGLE reprint!! Just inside a breathtaking jungle-themed, digitally-painted cover by guest-artist Gene Gonzalez is another top-flight potpurri of great contemporary "good girl" art comics action!!!

Open with a retro SHE-CAT tale set in 1952, and co-starring Miss Masque. "Death of the Goddess" features our ferocious feline's second encounter with the OTHER cat-deity- inspired female, Bastis- which takes place on board a luxury cruise ship. Written by Chris Irving, with art by Larry Guidry & Jeff Austin, it's a film-noire mood masterpiece.

Then, MS. VICTORY fights side-by-side with hubby PARAGON to stop an evil madman's bid to take control of a US Army base, and the offbeat conclusion leaves Joan with a strange secret that she may well keep from even her "better half". Written by Chad Halcom, with art by Halcom & Mark Heike.

Then, Gene Gonzalez teams with writer Paul Monsky on "Rio Diablo" in a retro story picking up from events way back in Femforce Special #2. That sultry super-spy RIO RITA comes across an ally while facing off with gansters in the South American jungles- none other than IRISH of the JUNGLE!!

Plus, another Monsky-wrtten piece, a TARA illustrated text story, "The Victor & The Vanquished", with art by Ed Coutts.

Finally, our masked heroine escapes certain death to neutralize four vicious mafiosos in "Revenge of the Blue Bulleteer", written by Enrico Teodorani, with art by Marco Caldi.

44 pages, black & white with color covers; standard comic-book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2006.


Press Release

DC Comics, the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world, announced today the launch of
www.52thecomic.com website that allows fans to enter the fictional world of 52, DC Comics’ ambitious weekly, year long mini-series that chronicles the fate of a world without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

While most comic books traditionally ship on a monthly, or even bi-monthly basis, 52 will be published by DC Comics each and every week for one year, beginning May 10, 2006. The trailblazing series plays out in “real time” with each issue covering the events in one week of the DC Universe. Throughout the course of this historic year, 52thecomic.com will grant readers access to the headlines of the Daily Planet—the workplace of acclaimed journalists Clark Kent and Lois Lane and photographer Jimmy Olson.

52thecomic.com will function as any “real world” newsmagazine would (with its headlines ripped from the pages of 52) with coverage of the events of the day, including national, world and local news, sports coverage and updated weather forecasts. If it’s snowing in an issue of 52, the site will reflect that with an updated weather report. If war breaks out in Khandaq, 52thecomic.com will report on the troops. If the Gotham Knights just lost a close double-header, you can check the score. The site also features a real time clock (which syncs to the time zone of any web user who visits the site) and banner ads promoting the fictional products that stock the shelves of the DC universe.

“A landmark comic book event like 52 deserves an equally creative website,” said DC Comics SVP of Sales & Marketing Stephanie Fierman. “If an imaginary universe were real, this would be its strongest news source.”

Readers will also be vaulted between the panels of the year’s biggest comic book event through the site’s extensive collection of information, including:

- Exclusive audio interviews with writers Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid – the super group behind 52 – and their artistic collaborators;

- Behind-the-scenes storyboards by 52 breakdown artist and industry legend Keith Giffen;

- Online comic books and character profiles by some of the industry’s top creators.

“52 is created to deliver the kind of cliffhangers, tragedies and triumphs that will drive our fans to visit their local comic book stores each and every week,” said DC Senior Vice President – Executive Editor Dan DiDio. “52thecomic.com is designed to give them a dose of that drama each and every day.”

Imagine: a world without Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman—but not a world without heroes. Visit

Captain Kirk exclusive for San Diego Comic Con

With plans for this year’s San Diego Comic Con continuing at full steam, Diamond Select Toys is excited to announce the latest exclusive item available at this summer’s show – the deluxe Star Trek Captain Kirk and Command Chair from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”!  Featuring an exclusive action figure of Captain James T. Kirk, this set is based on Star Trek’s second pilot episode and features an all-new!

Available only from DST during this summer’s San Diego Comic Con, the Captain Kirk & Command Chair set incorporates the tiniest details from this ground-breaking premiere episode.  From the uniform to the armrest buttons, this is your chance to bring home a piece from the beginning of the
Star Trek legacy!  Packaged in a deluxe window box, the Captain Kirk & Command Chair set will retail for $25.00 at the DST booth.

Sculpted and designed by Art Asylum, the Captain Kirk Command Chair set will join two others due to be released later this year – with one featuring Captain Kirk in standard uniform and Captain Pike from the series pilot “The Cage.”  Both due out in celebration of the 40
th Anniversary of Star Trek, each figure included in these Command Chair sets features multiple points of articulation and will be in scale with the previously released Star Trek original series figures.

Apple Introduces Boot Camp

Public Beta Software Enables Intel-based Macs to Run Windows XP

CUPERTINO, California—April 5, 2006—Apple® today introduced Boot Camp, public beta software that enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP. Available as a download beginning today, Boot Camp allows users with a Microsoft Windows XP installation disc to install Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac®, and once installation is complete, users can restart their computer to run either Mac OS® X or Windows XP. Boot Camp will be a feature in “Leopard,” Apple’s next major release of Mac OS X, that will be previewed at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in August.

“Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Apple’s superior hardware now that we use Intel processors,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “We think Boot Camp makes the Mac even more appealing to Windows users considering making the switch.”

Boot Camp simplifies Windows installation on an Intel-based Mac by providing a simple graphical step-by-step assistant application to dynamically create a second partition on the hard drive for Windows, to burn a CD with all the necessary Windows drivers, and to install Windows from a Windows XP installation CD. After installation is complete, users can choose to run either Mac OS X or Windows when they restart their computer.

Pricing & Availability
The public beta of Boot Camp is available immediately as a download at 
www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp, and is preview software licensed for use on a trial basis for a limited time. The final version of Boot Camp will be available as a feature in the upcoming Mac OS X version 10.5 “Leopard.” Apple does not provide support for installing or running Boot Camp and does not sell or support Microsoft Windows software. Apple welcomes user feedback on Boot Camp at bootcamp@apple.com.

System Requirements
Boot Camp requires an Intel-based Mac with a USB keyboard and mouse, or a built-in keyboard and TrackPad; Mac OS X version 10.4.6 or later; the latest firmware update; at least 10GB of free space on the startup disk; a blank recordable CD or DVD; and single-disc version of Windows XP Home Edition or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Today, Apple continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning desktop and notebook computers, OS X operating system, and iLife and professional applications. Apple is also spearheading the digital music revolution with its iPod portable music players and iTunes online music store.

NYPD Dodge Charger Patrol Cars Revealed

The NYPD has begun testing the new Dodge Charger Patrol Cars. Here are some photos of the cars in their NYPD colors.

Happy 30th Anniversary to Apple

Apple was founded 30 years ago today. Apple Computer has grown from a tiny start-up to a household name and cultural icon known as much for its iPod digital music players as its computers.

I first started using Apple computers in 1981, and have been an Apple fan and user ever since.

Comic Book Pick of the Week


Written by Andersen Gabrych; Art by Pop Mhan and Jesse Delperdang; Cover by Tim Sale

Life and death maintain a tenuous balance at the edge of the Lazarus Pit. A major character has died. Now a battle must be fought between two old foes…and only one will survive. We're not giving away any secrets, except to say that this is the end of Batgirl!

Batman  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US

On Sale February 15, 2006

This is the
last issue of this series. It wraps up the storyline of Batgirl's quest for her mother with more revalations of Lady Shiva's past.

Dodge Hornet Concept Car

First came the Dodge Razor and then the Dodge Slingshot concept cars, well the newest compact concept car is the Dodge Hornet.

"This Hornet concept, which debuts at the upcoming Geneva motor show, goes after the small, spiffy and economical European B-segment. The hunched down, wide-bodied, front-wheel-drive hatch will run 0 to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds, thanks to a single-cam 1.6-liter supercharged four-cylinder that generates 170 hp and 165 lb-ft. The engine mates to a six-speed manual transmission."

"The front passenger seat and the rear seats all capable of folding forward to provide a flat loading bay."

Comic Book Picks of the Week

There were several good books out this week as DC Comics wraps up various storylines in order to prepare for next month's "One Year Later" leap.

Deathstroke's endgame is in play, and not everyone will make it out in one piece! On the run from the deadly Society, Nightwing is in for the fight of his life. Guest-starring Oracle and a whole mess of villains as we wrap up one of the biggest Dick Grayson stories ever!
32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US
On Sale February 8, 2006

I couldn't believe the way they ended this issue. Talk about leaving you hanging. I was like "ARRGH, NO WAY!"

Concluding the 3-part "Coalition in Crisis!" The repercussions of the Rann/Thanagar War climax as Hawkman and Hawkgirl face their feelings for each other with total annihilation looming ahead. There's no turning back now, and the imminent Crisis may determine their ultimate fate.
32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US On Sale February 8, 2006

Another couple gets together only to face an uncertain future. This is like the trend of the week. It's an INFINITE CRISIS tie-in with some great artwork by Chris Batista and Cam Smith.

An INFINITE CRISIS tie-in! Superboy-Prime meets Superboy as the Boys of Steel confront one another about their roles in this universe.
32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US On Sale February 8, 2006

This issue has more of the big Superboy fight that was in INFINITE CRISIS #4. This book is worth it for that alone. Plus it ties up some loose ends reguarding history of The DOOM PATROL.

Winter Storm hits the Northeast

Up until this weekend, I had been enjoying the warmer than normal winter weather that we've been having in New Jersey. It meant very little snow fall totals for the season. Well that all changed as a major winter storm dropped record levels of snow in the Northeast on Saturday night and Sunday.

The storm blanketed the Eastern Seaboard from North Carolina to Maine over the weekend, dropping 26.9 inches of snow Central Park — the heaviest snowfall since record keeping began in 1869. The old record was 26.4 inches in December 1947.

Where I live in Central New Jersey, we had between 17 inches to 21 inches of snow. My Dad and I spent several hours shoveling out the driveway and walkway.

NYPD To Test Dodge Charger Patrol Cars

The New York Police Department is adding some muscle to its car fleet: the 2006 Dodge Charger.

The department plans to buy 15 police versions of the car for a pilot program that will begin this summer.

In a recent analysis by Michigan State Police, Chargers equipped with a V-8 engine had the quickest acceleration (6.52 seconds to 60 mph) and fastest lap time (150 mph) of any police vehicle tested.

The police highway unit will test drive 10 Chargers featuring V-8 engines, officials said. The rest will have V-6s and hit city streets in the five boroughs.

If they pass inspection, they could replace hundreds of squad cars in the NYPD's 3,000-vehicle patrol fleet, now dominated by Ford Crown Victorias and Chevrolet Impalas.

Nemesis Riker and Troi Coming to New Force!

The next exciting Star Trek release from Diamond Select Toys is the New Force Comics exclusive "Nemesis" Riker and Troi twopack! These star-crossing lovers are presented in their “Star Trek: Nemesis” uniforms and together will help complete the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise-E!

Sculpted by the experts at Art Asylum, this exclusive twopack also features movie-accurate accessories and amazing character likenesses. In scale with past releases, the Star Trek: The Next Generation action figure universe is swiftly expanding to include more of fans' favorite characters and looks.

Available in Spring of 2006, fans are encouraged to visit
www.newforcecomics.com to pre-order their exclusive twopack today, as quantities will be limited. Pictures of the "Nemesis" Riker and Troi action figures will be available after next month's American International Toy Fair in New York City.

40th Anniversary of Star Trek Brings New Figures!

With the Star Trek franchise’s 40th anniversary celebration beginning on September 8th, we at Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum are excited to announce plans to commemorate this historic occasion with several action figures and collectibles! Beginning at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, fans will be able to buy products specifically geared toward the original Star Trek series as well as the ongoing Star Trek: The Next Generation line.

The first of several special announcements involves the completion of a line that some fans thought would never be completed. Four exclusive action figures from the classic episode “Mirror Mirror” will be made available at San Diego Comic Con! “Mirror Mirror” Uhura, McCoy, Sulu and Chekov will round out the previous releases including Kirk, Spock and Scotty figures! Each figure will be exclusive to a different retailer, with all four making their debuts in San Diego.

Images of these upcoming exclusive figures will be available after the upcoming American International Toy Fair with prototypes displayed at several conventions leading up to the Comic Con launch. In scale with the previously released “Mirror Mirror” figures and featuring the same articulation, these Art Asylum-designed figures are sure to please fans and retailers alike. Be sure to check back during our Toy Fair coverage for more Star Trek news!

2007 Dodge Caliber SRT-4

Dodge has replaced the Neon with the Dodge Caliber starting as a 2007 model. The factory that had made Dodge Neons for the last decade now had Dodge Calibers rolling off the assembly line. To replace the Neon based SRT-4, Dodge will be introducing the Dodge Caliber based SRT-4.

Simon Elliott, Managing Director of Chrysler Group said: "The SRT-4 has been developed by Chrysler Group’s ‘Street Race Technology’ performance division. All SRT vehicles feature unique exterior details, lowered sports suspension, sports interior and a powerful engine - the all-new 2.4-litre turbocharged engine boasts a tyre-smoking 300 horsepower to deliver a level of power you’d expect from a V8!"

The SRT-4 is a performance version of the Dodge Caliber and offers 260 lb. ft. of torque from a 2.4-litre turbocharged engine to reach 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

Comic Book Pick of the Week

The excitement and action of INFINITE CRISIS continues in this weeks comic book pick of the week. One of my favorite DC characters dies in this issue. I was expecting another character to die instead, but I was surprised while reading the story to see that it would be someone else. I hope that they bring this character back sometime in the future.

Written by Dave Gibbons; Art by Ivan Reis and Marc Campos; Cover by Gibbons and Michael Bair

Infinite Crisis is here — and the Cosmic Storm rages out of control, threatening the fate of the entire universe! While the Rannian and Thanagarian flagships each suspect that the other is responsible for the disturbances, Donna Troy must lead her team of space champions into the cosmos in an attempt to prevent total destruction. But as the war rages on, a startling discovery will be uncovered, one hero will be forever changed, and another will make the ultimate sacrifice.

DC Universe  |  48pg.  |  Color  |  $4.99 US

On Sale February 1, 2006

New Star Trek Action Figures Announced

DIAMOND Select Toys has announced some more new Star Trek figures.

Enterprise Crew Continues to Grow!

With the Riker and Worf figures hitting stores soon, we’re pleased to officially announce the third series of Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures will feature Data and Geordi La Forge! Based on their appearances in both the series and the feature films, Series 3 will contain three core figures and several exclusive versions of each character.

The first officially recognized artificial life form, Lieutenant Commander Data is much more than a machine. Developed by renowned scientist Dr. Noonian Sung, Data is gifted with super-human strength, durability and intelligence and even began experiencing actual emotions as part of his quest to become more human.

Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge, one of Data’s closest friends, has served aboard the Enterprise for years despite his handicap. Born without sight, he has overcome this obstacle thanks in part to his V.I.S.O.R. and ocular implants. Originally a flight controller aboard the Enterprise, his brilliant proficiency with the ship’s systems quickly resulted in his being promoted to Chief Engineer.

You can expect the same articulation featured in the upcoming Riker, Worf, Picard and Troi figures, with incredible attention to detail and series-accurate accessories. The core assortment is scheduled to contain Season 7 Data and Season 7 La Forge along with a limited mystery figure! Images and details will be announced along with the full lineup of exclusive figures as the Fall 2006 release date approaches.

Comic Book Picks of the Week

There are 2 comics on my Comic Book Picks for this week. I enjoyed both stories, and Black Mask happens to be in both of them. Catwoman has to decide if she will remain on the side of "good" or go back to her "bad" habits. On the Catwoman cover, you can see the Lottery Numbers that appeared on the "Lost" TV show. You don't see them? Just look a little lower. Happy


Written by Will Pfeifer; Art by Pete Woods; Cover by Adam Hughes

Fresh off the soul-rattling revelation from last issue, Selina is livid and looking for answers — starting with none other than Batman! Her quest will bring her into conflict with the police, and at least two vehicles will be stolen in the process! Slam Bradley makes a fateful decision, while the Black Mask makes his big move against Catwoman, striking at the very heart of Selina's world in a way too terrible for words!

Batman  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US

On Sale January 25, 2006


Written by Judd Winick; Art by Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen; Cover by Jock

The unpredictable Black Mask forms an uneasy alliance with the Red Hood! But can these two uncompromising masked men truly cooperate? Or will this team-up make the streets of Gotham run red with bad blood? Either way, it's sure to spell trouble for the Batman.

Batman  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  $2.50 US

On Sale January 25, 2006

My Car Reached 100,000 Miles Today

I bought my car new in May 1996, and today I finally reached the 100,000 mile mark on the odometer. I like my little car even though it's not new anymore. It has dings and scratches, faded and peeling paint, little things that stopped working, and leaks oil all over the driveway.

I hope that it runs for a few more years while I save money to buy a new Dodge Challenger when they come out.

Justice League Unlimited Cancelled

One of my favorite cartoon shows is ending.

Justice League Unlimited's 3rd season will be it's last. Cartoon Network has aired 2 seasons of the
JUSTICE LEAGUE and will now finish the 3rd season of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED for a total of 5 seasons. Justice League Unlimited scored a big ratings boost for Cartoon Network, but they are dropping it in favor of creating new shows for the network. Having been off the air since September 24, 2005, Cartoon Network plans to resume airing the final season starting February 11, 2006 at 10:30pm.

I am glad that I got to see some of my favorite DC Comics characters, like Stargirl (pictured above) in the animated series.

Here are the remaining shows for Season 3 of Justice League Unlimited.

5.5 Episode #31 -
Flash and Substance
Batman and Orion see a different side of the Flash when a rogues' gallery of villains attacks the museum that is opening in his honor.
5.6 Episode #32 - Dead Reckoning
The ghost of a circus performer convinces Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to help him retrieve the stolen souls of a mystic order of Monks.
5.7 Episode #33 - Patriot Act
When an out of control super soldier threatens Metropolis, Green Arrow leads seven non-powered Justice Leaguers, including Crimson Avenger and Shining Knight, in a battle they can't hope to win.
5.8 Episode #34 - The Great Brain Robbery
A mystical accident leads to Lex Luthor and the Flash's minds being swapped into each other's bodies.
5.9 Episode #35 - Grudge Match
Roulette starts Metabrawl ("Cat and Canary") again, this time with an all-female fight card made up of Justice Leaguers.
5.10 Episode #36 - Far From Home
Supergirl, Green Lantern and Green Arrow travel into the future where they meet the Legion of Super Heroes and their enemies The Fatal Five.
5.11 Episode #37 - Ancient History
The Shadow Thief returns and so does Hawkman as more mysteries from "Shadow of the Hawk" are explored.
5.12 Episode #38 - Alive (Part 1)
In a knock-down drag out battle on Earth and in space, the power moving behind the scenes of the villains is revealed leading to the most unexpected team-up in Justice League history.
5.13 Episode #39 - Destroyer (Part 2)
Series Finale
In a knock-down drag out battle on Earth and in space, the power moving behind the scenes of the villains is revealed leading to the most unexpected team-up in Justice League history.

Happy Birthday Macintosh

22 years ago today, January 24, 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh computer to the world.

Disney buys Pixar for $7.4 billion

The Walt Disney Co today said that it would buy Pixar Animation Studios in a $7.4 billion deal that gives Pixar animators creative control over the world's most famous cartoon studio and makes Pixar CEO Steve Jobs one of Disney's largest shareholders.

Under the agreement, expected to close this summer, Jobs, who also heads Apple Computer Inc, will join Disney's board of directors.

Comic Book Pick of the Week

Here is my comic book pick of the week.

You have got to see the big fight in this book. It is a jaw dropper. There are also first appearances of some new characters as well as some characters that have been long gone. The story will also further explain how the "Prelude To Crisis" mini-series
Villains United
Day of Vengeance
Rann - Thanager War
all tie into the Infinite Crisis story.

DC Direct announces new Action Figures

Features multiple points of articulation, character specific accessories and a display base. Packaged in a four-color blister
Advance-solicited; on sale September 6, 2006
SHAZAM! 7.25" H

Features multiple points of articulation, character specific accessories and display base. Packaged in a four-color blister.
Advance-solicited; on sale September 20, 2006
OMAC 7.25" H

Check my
DC Direct Action Figure List to see what else is coming out.

Doctor Who returns to the United States

One of my favorite Science Fiction TV series, Doctor Who, is returning to the United States. I used to watch this show all of the time on the New Jersey Network. I have seen almost every episode that was aired in the United States. I can't wait to see the new series. I haven't watched much Sci-Fi since Star Trek: ENTERPRISE was cancelled.

SCI FI Channel and BBC Worldwide Americas announced a major licensing deal for the first series of the latest Doctor Who adventures.

The 13-part drama is about a mysterious time-travelling adventurer known simply as "The Doctor" (Christopher Eccleston) and his companion, Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). The Doctor and Rose risk death and danger, battling aliens and monsters.

The deal, brokered by Lisa Hofer, Director Co-Production and Sales, BBC Worldwide Americas, grants SCI FI Channel the first run rights for series one with an option for series two. The award-winning series will premiere on SCI FI beginning in March, airing Friday nights at 9.00pm.

Russell T Davies, Head Writer and Executive Producer told us: "The Doctor's made all sorts of journeys in Time and Space, but this is one of his most exciting yet! I'm a huge fan of the SCI FI Channel, and I'm delighted that Doctor Who is appearing on a channel that supports and enhances the entire genre."

"With its rich history of imaginative storytelling, Doctor Who is a true sci-fi classic," stated Thomas P. Vitale, SCI FI's Senior Vice President, Programming & Original Movies. "We're excited to add the show to our lineup."

Commenting on the deal Candace Carlisle, Senior Vice President, BBC Worldwide Americas, said: "The new production has fantastic storylines and production values and has already gained an iconic status around the world. SCI FI Channel is the perfect home for the show and will introduce Doctor Who to a whole new generation of fans in the US."

In addition, BBC Video has moved the US release date of the DVD from February 2006 to July 4, 2006 to capitalize on the exposure from the TV broadcast. As part of the deal, BBC Video and SCI FI Channel have agreed to work together on joint marketing promotions to support the brand launch.

Burton Cromer, Vice President, Consumer Products, BBC Worldwide Americas said: "We are delighted to be working with SCI FI Channel on the launch of this exciting new take on Doctor Who. The additional marketing support from SCI FI, as well their ability to reach such a broad audience base, made moving the release date an easy decision."

Executive Produced by Russell T Davies (lead writer) and Julie Gardner, the first series of Doctor Who attracted huge ratings and received critical acclaim when it aired on BBC ONE in March 2005.

Dodge brings back the "Super Bee"

Here is another classic Muscle Car name brought back for a modern muscle car, the Super Bee.

Offered in "Detonator Yellow" with black accents, the 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee is the first special edition of the "Charger on Steroids." Powered by the Street and Racing Technology-engineered 6.1-liter HEMI producing 425 horsepower, the Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee features special logos on front and rear fenders, contrasting yellow stitching on the seats, steering wheel and shift knob. It will be available in dealerships this fall.

The 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee offers Street and Racing Technology (SRT) enhancements including functional, performance-oriented styling; world-class ride and handling; race-inspired interior appointments and benchmark braking.

Before the re-introduction of the Super Bee designation on the 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8, the only previous Dodge Charger available as a Super Bee was a 1971 model. Immaculately restored examples now sell for $80,000 to $100,000.

Dodge Challenger Concept Car

Dodge showed off their new Dodge Challenger concept car at the Detroit Auto Show. It's a modern muscle car based on the 1970 design of the Challenger. I think that it looks great ! Other Mopar fans agree and want Dodge to make this car as soon as possible. It could become a 2008 model.
To read more about the design of this car and see photos and video,
click here.

New Apple products at MacWorld

Apple made several new announcements at the recent MacWorld show. They introduced the MacBook Pro notebook computer and a faster iMac computer with the following features:
intel core duo
Intel Core Duo
Two words: blazing fast. Apple's first notebook and desktop powered by an Intel processor.
Front Row
The best seat in the house and on the road. Enjoy your music, photos, and videos from across the room with the Apple Remote.
Built-in iSight camera
Video chat, take pictures, and record movies all with the iSight camera integrated in the iMac and MacBook Pro.
iLife '06 introducing iWeb
The ultimate suite of creative tools for your music, photos, and movies. Now you can publish websites, blogs, and podcasts in one click with iWeb.

The following products were also updated.

iLife 06iLife '06
Your life in music, photos, movies, and blogs. Includes updated versions of iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand and an all new application iWeb.

dot mac.Mac
Web publishing, Photocasting, email, and more. Your life on the Internet.

iWork 06iWork '06
Keynote and Pages with new themes, spreadsheet-style tables, and 3D charts.

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