Ask Matty for August 15, 2010

Matty from takes the time to answer questions from collectors.
Thank you Matty!

1) There were a few of the DC Infinite Heroes figures that were shown but most people have not found them yet at retail. When will the following figures be released? (photos attached)

- Captain Atom in Gold and red
- Shazam in White
- Black Hand in Black and grey

Hopefully these figures will get wider distribution in fall of 2010. This is one of the reasons we have not announced more 2010 figure since there are quite a few previously announced figures to make it out there.

2) Some DC Infinite Heroes figures are hard to find in the USA.

- Commissioner Gordon in SWAT uniform
- Superman Prime
- Wildcat in Black

These figures have been released in Canada, Australia and Europe, but were almost a NO SHOW in the USA. Any plans to get these figures into circulation again for the USA collectors?

We have these figures available for retailers to order in the US. It is up to retailers to order more product. If you are not seeing the latest Infinite Heroes figures at your local toy store, ask for more from the toy department manager.

3) Can you please stop pre-posing the DC Universe Classics figures in their package? Some people have reported that the limbs get warped in the package.
Looking at the packaged photo of Zatanna, I
hope the same does not happen to her action figure.

We didn’t see a photo of Zatanna attached but if you want to post it up so we can forward to our consumer goods department, which may help us control this issue!

4) Some people were very unhappy after Friday's panel at SDCC, to see NO NEW FIGURES announced for DC Infinite Heroes in 2010. We were just shown a Green Lantern slide and were told we would have to wait until 2011. I hope the wait will be worth it, meaning that improvements to the 3.75" figures will be included as well, like articulated elbows on the female Green Lanterns. Besides GREEN LANTERN MOVIE figures, I certainly hope that there will be a large amount of Green Lantern Comic Book Versions of characters mixed into the assortments. I hope that the first wave of 3.75" Green Lantern figures is large and impressive, because if it fails we may not see wave 2 or 3. Will we see Classic Green Lantern characters as well as the new Blackest Night multi-colored lantern figures in the assortments? (Please don't give that "we can't talk about unannounced figures" answer, you owe the DCIH fans something, and we know you plan to continue DCIH after Green Lantern, so maybe you can shed some more light on that.)

We can’t comment anymore on 2011 product at this time. We’ll have a lot to reveal in the coming months though. All we can say is you will see 3 ¾” scale figures in 2011 with a Green Lantern theme. Until we have retailer commitments we can’t announce anything. 2011 is still very in flux.

5) I saw the new Imaginex Green Lantern Playset that was announced at SDCC. A repaint of the Mars base. I was thinking that another repainted version would make a nice Aquaman playset? (I hope the Green Lantern Movie 3.75" playsets will be more impressive.)

That is a great suggestion and we will gladly pass along to the Fisher-Price team!

New DC Infinite Heroes 3 packs

The latest DC Infinite Heroes 3 packs have been spotted at discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They should not last long since they are selling at a bargain price of $5.99 for each 3 pack.

dc infinite heroes trickster flash heatwave

dc infinite heroes robin doctor light ravager

dc infinite heroes sinestro parallax john stewart

Ask Matty for May 1, 2010

Matty from takes the time to answer questions from collectors.
Thank you Matty!

1) We have seen a metallic green deco on the DCUC Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure. Will that figure be part of the Green Lantern 5-pack or a running change in the ALL-STAR lineup?

This is an upcoming TRU All-Star re-deco figure! We kind of snuck that reveal in to see who noticed!

2) Someone suggested that the DCUC Starro mask 4-pack that will be given away FREE at SDCC with the purchase of the DCIH boxed set, be also SOLD on the site after SDCC. Some collectors would like to buy multiples to use on their DCUC figures. Is this possible?

Much like Gleek, the Starro Spores will only be available with purchase of the Starro 75th pack at SDCC. The version of the 75th box set on will not include the 6” scale Spores.

3) Will there be a reserve supply of SDCC DCUC Plasticman and DCIH Starro Box Sets put aside for the site, or if they sell out at SDCC will they no longer be available?

Yes, all of the SDCC items have separate inventory for the show as well as If we have stock left over from the SDCC inventory it will be sold online as well. Although based on previous years we doubt any of the items that are exclusive to the show such as Orko or the Starro Spores will remain after the show so please don’t count on this option.

4) Aquaman fans were happy to see him in the DCIH Starro Box Set. When will the DCIH Aquaman figure be released on a single card at retail?

We don’t have a retail version of Aquaman in Infinite Heroes to announce quite yet. Right now, the Starro pack version is the only one on the horizon.

5)      What is the DCIH STARRO figure made from? It kind of looks like foam rubber. Are there wires in the arms that will hold the shape if you bend them? Is it safe to toss at my nephew's head when we play "STARRO ATTACKS!"?

It is made of rubber with bendy metal wires running through it; similar to Clayface’s arms but with a more heavy-duty material.

Ask Matty for April 15, 2010

Matty from takes the time to answer questions from collectors.

1. All but 5 of the DC Infinite Heroes figures shown at the NY Toy Fair are now available at retail. When do you plan to reveal the next batch of new DCIH figures?

Ideally, we will have more figures to reveal at SDCC if there is enough retailer interest to continue the line in 2011.

The DC Infinite Heroes Ravager figure was the first female DCIH I saw with new hips and knees. How long before a new female upper torso is made to use ball joint shoulders and arms with elbow joints.

Again, if there is enough retailer interest to continue the line we should be getting to a new female buck very soon.

3. The DCIH Deathstroke figure was released, but the paint colors did not match what the DCUC 6" version or the comic books have. Are there plans to release a redeco with blue legs instead of silver?

Nothing is locked in yet, but this would be a great redeco for the future!

When are the DCIH Robin, Dr.Light, Ravager and Heatwave, Flash, Trickster, 3-packs scheduled to be in stores?

These should be shipping by the summer.

When are the DCIH redecos, "Gold" Captain Atom, "Black & Grey" Black Hand, and the Reverse Flash, scheduled to be in stores?

These are scheduled for late summer/early fall.

Apple launches the iPad

Today, Apple launches the iPad, a tablet computer that can run different applications that allow you to surf the internet, e-mail, read books, listen to music, watch movies, play games, display photos and much more.

Some people wonder why it’s called the iPad. Some say that it’s sounds similar to Apple’s iPod, so maybe it was to help people remember the name more easily. Personally, I would like to think that they named the device iPad as a tribute to the Star Trek PADD devices. PADD stands for “Personal Access Display Device”. The Star Trek PADD devices have appeared throughout the Star Trek television and movie franchise. They may have been an inspiration for the iPad and other tablet computers. Fictional future technology now available for all today.

PADD devices from the Original Star Trek TV series.

A PADD device as seen on Star Trek: Enterprise.

PADD devices as seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation and on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Ask Matty for January 15, 2010

Matty from takes the time to answer questions from collectors.

1. Chris asks: I have noticed that the Alexander Luthor (3.75") figure is about the most unpopular figure in the line, in spite of how easy he is to customize, but he died and was resurected as a Black Lantern and with no physical changes to his appearance, only a paint change, so perhaps Mattel could consider a paint change on the figure to a Black Lantern design to perhaps make it more popular, and maybe even generate more interest in the first one? All of this with the fact that Blackest Night is going on in the books of course.

We’d love to get some Blackest Night characters. But keep in mind, we learn about new characters at the same time you do, and it takes 12-16 months for a new figure to hit shelves. So the earliest you might see these type of figures would be spring 2011.

2. Will the Green Lantern movie toy line have 3.75" figures and playsets similar to the Batman movie toy line? I hope to see a Green Lantern Main Power Battery playset kind of like what was originally proposed for the Kenner Super Powers toy line.

It is WAY too early for us to discuss any of our plans right now for Green Lantern, but you can be assured we will have some amazing figure lines for both kids and collectors!

3. I read that Maniac Mike will be handling the DCU toy lines. How long has Mike been a DC fan and Who are some of Mike's favorite DC characters?

Mike: "I've been reading DC Comics for a while now.  Oddly enough it was the Death of Superman Event that pulled me into DC Comics, after the emergence of Image had me reading Spawn and Young Blood, back in the early 90's.  I've since gone back and read a lot of older stuff both pre-Crisis and post.  As for favorite characters right now I would say I'm a big Vic Sage The Question fan (Not that I have anything against Renee Montoya).  I'm also a big Secret Six/Villains United fan!  I just wish they would bring back Parademon as I miss his and Ragdolls banter Happy  I'm definitely digging Batman & Robin right now as Dick Grayson has definitely stepped into the role pretty smoothly!" 

4. Besides the Legion of Super-Heroes, what other teams will be featured in the 2010 DC Infinite Heroes toyline? You don't have to announce specific characters, just tell us what DC Teams will be represented in 2010?

There will be figures from many teams next year including Justice League, Justice Society, Teen Titans and more.

5. DC Comics will be featuring the GENERATIONAL LEGACY of their characters during their 75th Anniversary year. Will we see something similar reflected in the 2010 DCUC and DCIH where characters from the Golden-Age, Silver-Age, Bronze-Age and Modern-Age be in the lineups or grouped in sets?

Yup, you’ll absolutely see this in many of our lines next year and beyond too.

JSA on Batman: Brave and the Bold

One of my favorite DC Superhero teams, The Justice Society of America made an appearance on Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon series. The JSA, Black Canary and Batman battle Per Degaton and his Robot Army.