JoeAcevedo.comCustomCon 39

Super Powers

Customs made by Jeremy Tobin


Super Powers Captain Cold custom action figure
Captain Cold - Super Powers Red Tornado torso, Firestorm arms, Flash legs, Desadd head, and Dark Knight Bruce Wayne face.

Super Powers Bizarro custom action figure
Bizarro - Dark Knight Batman torso and shoulder, Toy Biz Iceman I legs and arms, Super Powers Superman head

Super Powers Kid Flash custom action figure
Kid Flash -Super Power Robin torso and arms, Firestorm legs, Flash head.

Super Powers Wonder Girl custom action figure
Wonder Girl - Super Powers Wonder Woman with Toy Biz Storm feet

Super Powers Captain Atom custom action figure
Captain Atom - Super Powers Superman with Jurassic Park Muldoon head.

Super Powers Hawkgirl custom action figure
Hawkgirl - Toy Biz Invisible Girl, JLU Hawkgirl head, Super Powers Hawkman wings

Super Powers The Atom custom action figure
The Atom - Super Powers Flash with Green Lantern arms.

Super Powers Black Vulcan custom action figure
Black Vulcan -Super Power Superman torso and arms, Dr. Fate arms, Congo Kaneegha head.

Super Powers Obsidian custom action figure
Obsidian - Super Powers Red Tornado head, torso and arms, and  Aquaman legs

All characters and logos are © and ™ by their respective companies.