JoeAcevedo.comCustomCon 39

Marvel Legends: Legendary Ladies

Customizer: TFitz (from The Fwoosh)


Binary custom action figure
Binary – From Moonstone with multiple fire effects added on.

Crystal custom action figure
Crystal – Hellcat body with Sharon Carter head and belt added

Wild Thing custom action figure
Wild Thing – Teen body with modified X-23 head and claws from Toy Biz line.

Destiny custom action figure
Destiny – Custom head with older non-ripped body since she’s an old lady. Her age is also the reason her skin is a bit paler.

Gladiator custom action figure
BAF – Gladiator – Heavily modified 1st appearance Iron Man head, kit bash of Sentry/Stryfe with additional add on work for shoulder pads/circular saw blades.

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