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Hello and Welcome
This website is my fansite that I first made to show off my custom action figures. As time went on, I added new sections and features. The Custom Zone also contains the CustomCon Events that I have hosted and links to the other events. The Figure Zone contains some archive lists of some toy lines that I like to collect. The Femforce Zone contains an archive of the Femforce comic book published by AC Comics. The Comic Zone contains some comic book logos and character art made in the Hero Machine app.

About Me


I've been a DC Comics fan for most of my life. I grew up watching reruns of the Batman TV show and the Super Friends cartoons. I think that the first time that I actually bought some DC Comics was the October 1977 issues of Worlds Finest, Justice League of America, Batman Family, Superman and a few other comics. I did not continue to buy comics at that time as I spent most of my allowance money on buying and building model kits.

Then in 1984, I went into a hobby/comic book store looking for the
Doctor Who comic books, another one of my fandoms. When I looked around at the comic racks, I rediscovered DC Comics and the characters I remembered. I bought several DC issues and eventually some back issues. Months later in 1985, DC Comics launched the Crisis on Infinite Earths series with all kinds of cross-over issues that I bought. By then I was hooked on DC Comics. I read all of the DC titles released soon after the Crisis event.

Today, I no longer read every DC title. For the last few years I have read about 10 to 12 monthly DC titles. After the 2016 DC Universe
Rebirth, I changed my reading list to give some other books a try. I look forward to another Justice Society series in the future.

Reading Comic Books
Customizing Action Figures
Collecting Super-Hero Merchandise

Favorite Comic Toy Lines
Mattel: DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Mattel: DC Multiverse / DC Universe Classics / DC Super Heroes
Mattel: DC Total Heroes
DC Collectibles / DC Direct
JLA / Total Justice

Favorite Sci-Fi TV Shows
Doctor Who
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Next Generation
Star Trek
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Favorite Comic Book TV Shows
The Flash
The Middleman
Marvels: Agents of Shield
Birds of Prey
Batman (1966)

Favorite Cartoons
Young Justice
DC Animated Movies
Justice League Unlimited
Roger Rabbit
WB Looney Toons
Pinky and the Brain
Speed Racer

Favorite Comics
Earth 2
Earth 2: Society
Justice Society of America
Power Girl
Justice League International
Harley Quinn
Suicide Squad
Liberty Meadows

Favorite Comic Heroines
Power Girl
Ms. Victory
Wonder Woman

Favorite Comic Heroes
Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner
Rocket Red
Flash: Wally West (pre - New 52)
Mr. Bones