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Customizer: Jon Rann


Mr. Terrific custom action figure
Mr. Terrific
The smartest man in the world and he couldn’t think up a better name?
DC Classics included most every member of the Justice Society of America, with the notable exception of Mr. Terrific. MT started life as a Silver Age Atom figure. His head came from a Hawkman figure. His cuffs, belt & jacket (collar, epaulets & skirt) were scratch built. I decided to go with a motorcycle jacket look, and decided he looked better with gloves than without. His accessory was largely scratch built from some Batman hook-gun.

Dr. Fate custom action figure
Dr. Fate
DC Direct made a decent enough Dr. Fate figure many years ago, with removable, vac-metal gold helmets, but the figure itself was oddly & awkwardly articulated. I swapped out the aforementioned better bits to a DC Classic Doctor Fate, and added a gold foil belt buckle.

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